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Richard Serra: Vertical and Horizontal Reversals

Published by David Zwirner Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Vertical and Horizontal Reversals, designed by McCall Associates in close collaboration with the artist and printed by Steidl, is the most extensive presentation of the “Reversal” drawings to be published.

Richard Serra’s “Reversal” drawings employ two identical rectangular sheets of paper that are adjoined in a vertical or horizontal format, with the black and white areas reversing themselves top to bottom (or left to right). The area that is black on the top (or left) sheet is white on the bottom (or right) sheet, and the area that is white on the top (or left) sheet is black on the bottom (or right) sheet in a figure / ground reversal. 

The book reproduces all thirty-three drawings shown in 2014 at David Zwirner in New York, in addition to documenting this series in its entirety. The book also includes new scholarship by art historian Gordon Hughes.

“Mr. Serra remains, after all these years, the Process artist par excellence.”

– Roberta Smith, The New York Times

“For over 50 years, the artist has pushed the boundaries with his majestic sculptures and abstract drawings that explore gravity, space and time.”

– Kelly Crow, Wall Street Journal

“Like almost no-one else, Serra grounds us in the here and now.”

– Adrian Searle, The Guardian

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