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Return to the Cave of Time

Part of U-Ventures
Illustrated by Drew Willis



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About The Book

Turn the pages, turn back time—and turn your fate.

U-Ventures®: Edward Packard’s classics, revised and expanded for today’s readers! The best in interactive adventure fiction—challenging, stimulating, and tremendous good fun! Also at the App Store on iTunes.

In Return to the Cave of Time, you should understand that there are some strange things about time—and you’re about to learn what they are. Walk into the Cave of Time and don’t turn back. Keep going. Yes, it’s dark and your hands feel clammy. The passageway you’re in may only be half an inch wider than you are. But keep going. You are about to see the beginning of time, the end of time…and some wild times in between. There’s no telling what can happen to you, but here’s hoping you’ll know what to do when the time is right….


Return to the Cave of Time
Your heart races as you make your way through Snake Canyon, looking for the entrance to the Cave of Time. About midafternoon you reach the familiar grove of pine trees near the cave’s entrance, only to find that landslides covered it over.

You are not one to give up easily. You search the floor of the canyon, looking for another way in. It’s not until the sun is about to go down that you find one, a hole barely big enough to squeeze through, hidden by clumps of sage. You crawl in on your hands and knees, and then along a tunnel that you hope leads to the main chamber of the cave.

The tunnel seems endless and keeps curving to one side, as if it might be going around in a circle. After a half hour of crawling, your hands and knees are sore. You feel a tightening of muscles in your throat—the beginning of panic. There’s not enough room to turn around, and you’re not sure you can back out!

The only thing to do is to keep going, so that’s what you do, painfully crawling around a bend to the right, then one to the left, in total darkness. Stopping to rest, you hear a voice singing ahead of you, an eerie tune with only three or four notes. You crawl on, and a minute later reach a dimly lit chamber. A thin, ghostlike figure with a long white beard is singing. Seeing you, he sings a few more notes, then holds up a hand.

About The Author

Edward Packard invented the classic Choose Your Own Adventure™ series. He wrote more than fifty books in the series, and, in conjunction with Expanded Apps, Inc., he published U-Ventures—adaptations of the Choose Your Own Adventure books revised and designed for the iTunes App Store. A graduate of Princeton University and Columbia Law School, he splits his time between Long Island and Colorado. Visit him online at

About The Illustrator

Drew Willis is an art director and illustrator working in New York City. Visit him at

Product Details

  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (March 6, 2012)
  • Length: 160 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781442434271
  • Grades: 3 - 7
  • Ages: 8 - 12

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