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Raising Unselfish Children in a Self-Absorbed World

About The Book

Child expert Jill Rigby reveals the dangers of the self-esteem parenting philosophy and offers an alternative approach that teaches children to respect both themselves and others.

After decades of experimenting with child-focused parenting, parents are beginning to realize that the result is often self-centered children who tend toward narcissism, selfishness, mediocrity, and dysfunction. Rigby espouses a new goal of parenting: gently bumping children off self-center and teaching them to be unselfish givers instead. Raising Unselfish Children in a Self-Absorbed World dares to revisit the values of compassion, forgiveness, thanksgiving, and unselfishness and insists that we can instill these values in our children.

With her encouraging approach, Rigby helps parents realize it's never too late to change their children's point of view and equip them to interact with kindness and respect in a world outside themselves. Teaching concepts, such as developing a passion for compassion, learning to give by forgiving, and filling every day with thanksgiving, Raising Unselfish Children in a Self-Absorbed World offers a new paradigm for parenting—one that educates the heart and teaches moms and dads how to parent with a new end in mind.

About The Author

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Jill Rigby is an accomplished speaker, columnist, television personality, family advocate, and founder of Manners of the Heart Community Fund, a nonprofit organization bringing a return of civility and respect to our society. Whether equipping parents to raise responsible children, encouraging the education of the heart, or training executives in effective communication skills, Jill’s definition of manners remains the same—an attitude of the heart that is self-giving, not self-serving. She is the proud mother of twin sons who testify to her contagious passion.

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Raves and Reviews

"Selfishness is a key to lifetime unhappiness. Jill has given us an important reminder to save our kids from its clutches. The message of this book can be remembered in this thought: think of the kind of adults you can't stand to be around and don't let your child become one of them!" Dr. Henry Cloud -- author of The Secret Things of God, 9 Things You Really Must Do, and coauthor of Boundaries

"Tired of the epidemic of selfishness in today's world? Jill Rigby will help you do your part with your kids to rid the world of selfishness. Parents beware--she places the responsibility squarely on your shoulders. Take her message to heart. Your kids will be glad you did." Dr. Kevin Leman, author of Making Children Mind without Losing Yours

"Jill Rigby gets to our heart's desire of parenting with this crucial message. She brings practical advice and hope in the midst of a very self-centered culture. This is a book I will recommend to everyone." Jim Burns, PhD--president, HomeWord; author of Confident Parenting and Creating an Intimate Marriage

"I'm so tired of hearing parents on and off the air introducing their children by telling me, 'I have two "beautiful" children.' I always tell them that beautiful children don't change the world but 'good' children do. This book will teach parents how to nurture children into becoming decent, compassionate adults." Dr. Laura Schlessinger--international radio talk-show host; author of The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage

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