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Psychic Living

A Complete Guide to Enhancing Your Life

About The Book

You possess the inner power to improve every aspect of your life.
Get a raise...Find a soulmate...Make savvy investments...Lose weight...Discover past lives...Super-charge your workouts...Radiate beauty inside and out...Enjoy a bright outlook...And even snag those shoes on sale using Stacey's psychic shopping tips!
Featured in The Top 100 Psychics in America, Stacey Wolf is also one of the youngest nationally recognized spiritual and psychic advisors, which means she is tuned in to exactly what you want and how to get it!
With her engaging blend of irreverent wit and inspiring wisdom, Stacey Wolf demonstrates how to access the transformative energies of the universe to use in your everyday life. Let her show you how easy it is to tap into the innate psychic energy all of us are born with but few know how to use.



It's clear that we are in the midst of a psychic renaissance. Open your eyes and look around. Spiritual sleepwalkers everywhere are waking up and smelling the psychic coffee! Get this: In Chicago, entire engine companies are signing up for meditation. More than half the medical schools in the country offer classes on spirituality and health (up from three just ten years ago). A Wall Street mega-millionaire donates up to 30 million dollars a year to fund scientific studies of God. And according to Time magazine, 69 percent of us believe in angels.

Remember hearing your parents talk about est and yoga, wacky meditations and dark séances? Think about it. There hasn't been this much spiritual energy floating about since the sixties.

There's a reason people nowadays are experiencing more meaningful coincidences and odd happenings. Our dreams are way too significant to be random. We're watching more television shows on God, angels, and communicating with the dead. We're reading more books on intuition, astrology, and prophecy. We're experimenting with the healing power of crystals and reiki. Yoga has replaced kickboxing as the exercise of the moment.

It all has to do with the energy floating around in the universe these days. This energy is like an infinite power station in the sky. It makes the planets rotate around the sun; it turns day into night. It is the energy in our bodies, making our hearts beat and our blood flow. In the sixties, our parents were overtaken by the need to spread peace, love, oneness, and freedom. These concepts are manifestations of the energy that links human beings to the universe's higher forces.

During these years and those that followed -- the sixties, seventies, and eighties -- you and I were born into this energy. What this means -- hold onto your hat -- is that we were born with an active sixth sense. A new "psychic generation," if you will. Yes, we came into this world with psychic energy already wired into our brains! We have an innate ability to apply intuition and tap into the energy of the universe, using it as a tool to create the lives we are meant to live. It is as natural to us as eating, breathing, touch, and sound. It is integral to the way we think, act, and feel. There is nowhere we have to go to get it: It is part of us.

And at this very point in time, you and I are sitting atop a kind of "psychic wormhole" -- much like the one that opened to our parents over three decades ago. Our parents experienced one sort of energy, but the energy that has opened to us is very different. As natural-born psychic receptors, we find that tapping into this new energy is the easiest thing in the world. And now is the time for us to claim it and use it to find out who we are.

Let me guess. You're just a little skeptical. Well, sometimes the most obvious things are the hardest to see. Besides, it's in our nature to be doubtful. We are independent thinkers, many of us are entrepreneurs, we hate rules, and because of all that we are quick to reject anything that smacks of our parents' reality.

But trust me: I've been psychic since I was three years old. Waiting for the bus to take me to nursery school one morning, I innocently said to my mother, "Don't worry, Mommy, the bus is going to be late today because the driver broke her arm last night." Sure enough, the bus showed up late, with a substitute driver at the wheel. Miss Mary indeed had a broken arm.

Needless to say, my parents freaked out.

As a member of Generation X, I'm one of the youngest nationally recognized psychics in America. And I can see it plain as daylight. We are brimming with spiritual abilities, and we don't have to closet ourselves in Zen monasteries or become meditative recluses in order to access them. Today, people can be both psychic and normal. Psychic energy belongs to everyone, not just monks and gurus.

I'm living proof. I grew up watching my mother meditate and do yoga. I didn't know what that stuff was all about, but I quickly formed an opinion that her activities were nebbishy hobbies mothers did in their spare time. Then, in high school, I became interested in psychic teachings. I went to the local library and took out books on palm reading, handwriting, and psychic development. They were long-winded, boring, and extremely esoteric. They didn't talk to me.

None of the spiritual teachings to which I had access seemed natural or accessible. I was disappointed. I wanted to participate, but I knew I was different. It seemed there was no way to connect these stuffy teachings with my everyday reality. The available books all implied that psychic ability was some foreign skill you had to jump through hoops to obtain. They claimed it took years of practice to develop psychic skills, and long, drawn-out rituals were needed in order to arrive at your spiritual destination. Nobody said, "Here, this is a normal and natural ability. You can be who you are and still be psychic."

It took me years to figure out what was going on. The spiritual energy our parents tapped into was hard to reach and difficult to understand. It spoke in fragments and symbols and was not easily integrated into daily experience. It took long, drawn-out rituals to receive psychic information, and those rituals were no guarantee you'd understand the information once it came to you. Those who wished to master psychic wisdom had to devote themselves entirely to attaining spiritual awareness.

On the other hand, there I was, wired completely differently -- like the rest of my generation, preprogrammed with innate psychic ability and a different way of operating in the world. My experience with psychic energy has been utterly new. I've found that the closer you live to your connection, the less ritual it takes to get there. The old energy says, Climb through a window. Today's energy says, Why climb through a window when you can walk through a door?

Psychic energy and spirituality is no longer arduous to access and difficult to use in everyday life. I practice a spirituality that fits into my crammed, jet-setting lifestyle. I call it "instant gratification intuition." Let's face it, I don't think anyone in our generation would put effort into something that isn't direct, practical, and accessible. We don't have time for ambiguous symbols and hindsight; that certainly isn't going to help us get through today. We want psychic and spiritual energy in our lives, but we are hesitant. Psychic and spiritual energy has never before fit into a normal life.

The ability you're about to access, however, is as natural and normal as seeing, hearing, smelling, and touching. Right now, we take for granted that we have five senses. We get up, open our eyes, put our feet on a solid floor, hear the coffee brewing. This book will show you how to just as easily take for granted that your sixth sense is constantly perceiving, too. First you'll discover how to access the psychic abilities you already have. Then I'll show you how to deepen and broaden your psychic skills so that you can make magic and ease happen in your life -- in every area from your love life to your career to a simple trip to the mall.

Tapping into your abilities is far easier and more natural than you would ever expect; it is simply a matter of working through a series of exercises, including creating a sacred space, breath work, and visualizations. Don't worry, I won't have you floating around in the lotus position or having séances while standing on your head chanting. You won't lose yourself, you won't become wacky, you won't become anything other than more of who you want to be. I promise.

Once you've gotten a sense of what psychic energy is, what your abilities are, and how to control them, in part II of this book you'll put it all to use. Many people buy into the myth that in order to achieve balance, you have to live without worldly possessions and give up your personal desires. That's boring! Living within the new energy is about manifesting yourself fully. It means living with grace: having more patience at the checkout counter, or better yet, miraculously attracting a counter with no line. It doesn't mean giving up your passion for shoes!

Opening up to the new energy around you is like using a new tool to create the life you always wanted. It will help you shed your fears and reach for your true destiny; it will lead you in the right direction; and it will help you learn life's lessons with grace and ease -- even send you your soulmate.

This new energy is active. As receptors of this energy, we can pull it down, focus it, and mold it to create what we want to be. We can use it to clear obstacles in the way of our happiness and fulfillment. We can use it to help others and help our world. Think about it: If this energy force can keep nine planets in line, it can show us what we are looking for!

This book will show you, step by step, how to access this energy. You'll learn how to tune it in and how to shut it off. You'll gain the ability to focus and mold it. When you are adept at this, you can do just about anything. You can find your soulmate; discover solutions to your nagging problems; heal your aches and pains; even communicate with your spirit guides and angels. You can avoid bad relationships; prepare for meetings armed with the foreknowledge of what is going to unfold; and know when and what people are thinking about you. If nothing else, developing your psychic ability will make you popular at parties. People will be drawn to you without quite knowing why.

This book is your sixth sense handbook. It is an exercise program for your mind and soul. It is the most direct way to discover your own power station, and by the time you're finished, you'll be a different person. Using this energy has changed my life, for sure. I used to be on autopilot. I was unhappy; I was twenty pounds overweight; and I was afraid my future was full of failure. Once universal energy flowed through my life, I found my destiny; I lost the twenty pounds; and I now appreciate myself in a way I never thought could be.

Tapping into psychic energy puts you in a deep state of awareness that is more relaxing than the best massage or the deepest bubble bath. This book will help you get to that place easily and effortlessly. You will be able to focus on it at the drop of a hat. You will be able to get answers that will make your life easier. You will naturally become more stable and have a more grounded way of looking at the world.

And you'll need these skills. Over the next few years, our world will continue to undergo expansive and sweeping changes. We'll see political, social, and economic developments; earth changes; environmental, technological, and energy advances. We'll need this new energy to prepare for all these global changes, and to make our own very personal definitions of success come true.

The things our parents took for granted are no longer afforded us; "security" is no longer defined as a three-bedroom house and a retirement-path job. And we wouldn't want that anyway. We want to experience our individual freedom, happiness, and destiny. Working at the same company for twenty years and living a stable life isn't what the world is about anymore. We seek our unique paths, the deeper meaning of why we're here. As never before, we want to recognize who we are; we want to fulfill our unique destinies. We want to go for it and not stop till we get there.

Healthy intuition and a deep understanding of "the way things work" is our natural state of grace. It is our birthright; all we have to do is rediscover it. Now more than ever, a little effort goes a long way. Come with me, and watch a new and exciting world open up right in front of you!

Copyright © 1998 by Stacey Wolf

About The Author

Stacey Wolf is a professional psychic, having her first psychic experience at the age of three. Today Stacey has scores of private clients in the publishing, public relations, and entertainment industries. She has been featured on numerous network television programs and written several books, including Get Psychic!, Secrets of the Signs, and Love Secrets of the Signs.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Gallery Books (December 7, 2004)
  • Length: 272 pages
  • ISBN13: 9780743499255

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