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For Those Who Are Too Afraid To Close Both Eyes When They Rest ...

One Eye Open, is a love story or a horror story. It takes the reader into a relationship that started so strong with intense love-bombing and an innocent woman looking for the love of her life after peacefully ending her first marriage. What she got, instead, was an education on what a true Narcissistic Sociopath was, how difficult it is to break a trauma bond and that the man she loved never loved her in return. Left with depression and PTSD, she has the fight of her life to stay sane and plan her escape... How one woman's fight to find love nearly killed her.

Melissa M. Sachs was born in New York City and raised in Northern New Jersey. She is a Certified Personal Trainer, Spin Instructor , Pilates Specialist and previous studio owner. She is a passionate advocate for domestic violence awareness and animal rights. However, her greatest accomplishment by far, is having the honor of being the mother to her three amazing children.