A Roleplaying Game

Mermaids, swordfights, and adventures through Neverland are all fun and exciting–until you’re staring down the mouth of a crocodile big enough to topple a castle. Journey into the world of Peter Pan and its mysterious inhabitants in Neverland: A Role-Playing Game.

Neverland is a Hexcrawl campaign, an adventure that relies on a group of players exploring a hexagonally gridded area. Each hex is densely packed with locations and mysteries that can be explored and revisited and altered in a number of ways. All it takes is for a group of adventurers to stumble in and shake things up. Designer Andrew Kolb has built the perfect world for such adventurers, adapting the lore of the beloved tales of Peter Pan for an older audience. For anyone who would like to run an RPG after Dungeons & Dragons fatigue sets in, exploring a contained world built off of a familiar (and public domain) property that naturally lends itself to adventure is the perfect next step.