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Momma's Baby, Daddy's Maybe

A Novel

A tale of love, lust, and mistrust, Momma's Baby, Daddy's Maybe reveals the secrets that break homes as well as hearts.
The Jacobs's siblings have done a good job of masking their secrets behind finely wrought facades, hidden agendas, and questionable paternity...until the day it all starts to unravel. Faced at last with the truth, Kennedy, Simone, and Derrick Jacobs find themselves vulnerable and exposed, determined to salvage the lives they have made for themselves.
Passions run high in this debut novel by Jamise L. Dames, and as the Jacobs try desperately to untangle themselves from a web of deceit, they learn how tragedy can move toward truth, and the strongest of all ties.
Three women. Three men. One truth.
Kennedy Jacobs has it all: beauty, brains, and the confidence to match. She also has the man that sister Simone has officially declared off-limits. With sass, class, and strength to spare, Kennedy takes the world by storm -- until tragedy jumps up and slaps her in the face.
Simone Jacobs wants it all. She has the expensive home, the VP position at a top accounting firm, and a new man who tickles more than her fancy. But something is missing. Just when it seems that this something is within reach and her life is coming together, someone starts to tear it apart at the seams.
Derrick Jacobs is a handsome Wall Street exec, a fully equipped ladies' man who can't be tied down by any woman. With charming good looks, a chiseled body, and a very healthy bank account, Derrick Jacobs can move mountains...but will his secrets cause them to crumble?
A stunning novel of family ties and family lies.

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Jamise L. Dames is the nationally bestselling author of Momma's Baby, Daddy's Maybe. A public speaker, screenwriter, and published songwriter, Dames is a graduate of the University of Connecticut. Dividing her time between the East Coast and the South, Jamise is currently at work on her next novel and looking forward to hearing from her readers at

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