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Marking Time

Professor of psychology Herbert Rappaport shares the importance of timing as he examines the fundamental issues involved with planning and living in order to help readers realize that time is the most precious resource.

For those who struggle with time and wonder why, Making Time is the perfect read as it offers a profound opportunity for self-discovery. Based on twenty years of research and clinical experience, it provides a fascinating framework for moving fluidly into your personal future.

By looking at how temporal imbalance and a lack of perspective on the past, present, and future relates to depression, addiction, and other psychological disorders, Rapport brings attention to the anxiety about what lies ahead that affects so many people.

Additionally, Rappaport introduces readers to the Rappaport Time Line, an instrument that will help map your life and asses your temporal orientation in order to live in a more meaningful and fulfilling manor.

“A volume that demands reflection. This book explains how we use (and often misuse) time and how time, in turn, uses us.” —Robert Maynard, former publisher and owner of The Oakland Tribune