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NYPD homicide detective Jonathan Grau faces his toughest, most puzzling case yet as a couple of local murders explode into a hunt for KGB’s top assassin as he is on the loose in New York City in this crime thriller by Richard Rosenthal

Seasoned detective Jonathan Grau has seen it all: multiple murders, cult murders, child murders, even serial murders. Bu the case of two dead Russians found in the Bronx doesn’t fit any pattern he’s seen before.

Right after their bodies were found, the cops themselves—including Grau and his partner, police officer Tony Tanti—become the targets of a KGB assassin sent from Moscow with a deadly directive.

At large in America’s most dangerous city, it is up to Grau and his partner to track him down and find out why he kills. It will take pure police instinct and raw police guts to secure this threat to the nation as the war that comes after the Cold War has just hit New York’s meanest streets.

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