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"Bob Grant is the king of talk radio in New York...He is one of the few talk show hosts who has lasted in combat radio. He defined it and spawned countless imitators all over the country."

-- Rush Limbaugh

For more than twenty-five years, Bob Grant has mesmerized radio listeners with his pioneering "tell it like it is" style of straight talk. He's outrageous, he's addictive, and he has a number-one ranked talk show. Always informed, always in the center of national controversy, Grant may make conservatives stand up and cheer, and liberals howl in protest -- but in Let's Be Heard, he makes everyone take notice.

Let's Be Heard is a tour de force of Grant's savvy, forthright thinking on what's right and what's wrong with America. With unfailing aim and ever-present wit, he unflinchingly takes on liberalism's sacred cows -- among them, "Slick Willie" Clinton, Teddy "The Swimmer" Kennedy, academia nuts, Columbus bashers, feminist emasculators, welfare swindlers, and third world "governments."

"I don't mind if others call me conservative, but I'm just me." Most of his listeners love him, many others love to hate him, but for all who tune in each afternoon to his heady and engaging mix of old-fashioned storytelling and withering social commentary, Bob Grant is, more than anything else, a supreme entertainer. Let's Be Heard will tell us just why he's tops in American talk radio.