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How to Become a Mermaid

Embodying the Elemental Energy of Water

Foreword by William R. Mistele / Read by Aura Paige
Published by Inner Traditions Audio
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

• 2022 Coalition of Visionary Resources Gold Award

• Details how to connect to water as a living presence and develop personal and spiritual connections with fish and other aquatic animals

• Explains how to embody the vibration of water in your energy field by integrating archetypes of water spirits and watery concepts such as empathy, unconditional love, eco-consciousness, and stillness

• Shares the author’s personal experiences, beginning at age 10, with astral mermaids, water spirits, and other magical creatures

Anyone can become a mermaid. To do so, you must develop the vibration of water in your energy field and learn to perceive as mermaids do. In this how-to guide, Elyrria Swann shares her personal experiences, beginning at age 10, with astral mermaids, water spirits, and other magical creatures and offers wisdom and practical lessons from the watery kingdom to reveal the path to becoming a mermaid.

Swann details how to connect to water as a living presence and awaken to its magic, as she did as a child. Exploring how to develop mermaid energies, she shows how to make friends with fish and develop personal and spiritual connections with them and other aquatic animals, including how to communicate through dreams, meditations, and visions. She explains how to embody the vibration of water in your energy field by integrating archetypes of water spirits and watery concepts such as empathy, unconditional love, eco-consciousness, and stillness. She explores how to develop relationships with astral allies like krakens, gorgon medusas, and selkies as well as protection techniques to use when making contact with spiritual beings. Channeling the merfolk she has built personal relationships with, Swann sheds light on the inner workings of the mermaid realm, offering insight into their innermost thoughts, states of being, and how they live.

Presenting a user’s manual for incarnated merpeople, the author shares the message of the mermaids to help unite the mermaid and human worlds and protect our oceans as well as to help us develop emotionally, evolve spiritually, and ascend to higher vibrational dimensions.



During my childhood, I used to comb the shelves at Barnes and Noble looking for books about people who fell in love with fish or who met a mermaid queen in their lucid dreams. I did find many books about the folklore and mythology of mermaids, and these were very enjoyable to read. However, they did not satiate my hunger for a practical mermaid guide. I was looking for an Owner’s Manual for Mermaids that would tell me how to exist on planet Earth as a mermaid and meet others like myself, but no such books had been written.

While I was growing up, I tried talking to a few people in my small social circle about how much I loved mermaids and how I felt like I was a part of their realm. Mostly, I received strange looks and remarks telling me how weird I was. Sometimes a friend would talk about mermaid makeup or dressing up as a mermaid.

Princess Ariel from Disney’s A Little Mermaid often came up in the conversations, but a large part of me could not buy into the Disney version of mermaids. Fairy tales and mythology were beautiful to hear about, but the subject matter felt alien to the true nature of mermaids. There was always some part of me that intuitively understood that mermaids transcend the ideas of human fashion and literary traditions.

In spite of my conservative upbringing, I always believed in the existence of faeries, mer people, unicorns, and other mythological beings. As I grew older, I never lost faith in the fact that these creatures exist in a world parallel to ours. Eventually, I began meeting them.

Mermaids came to me in visions while I relaxed in the bathtub during my early pre-teen years. I found that I felt most at home in water and would sometimes spend eight or more hours in the bathtub on my free days. I would often take a good novel with me to read, but it was usually left untouched as I started making contact with real mermaids from the astral mermaid realm.

After I was able to see them and feel their presence, I asked them to give me teachers who could help me bring the gifts of the mermaid realm to the people here on Earth. My request was granted.

The mermaid realm holds many treasures such as empathy, depth of feeling, healing abilities, ecological consciousness, an inner peace with the universe, and unconditional love. In these pages I explain how to cultivate and to bring to full consciousness the archetypal mermaid or merman that exists inside of each of us. I am here to serve as a channel of information for this beautiful realm and to continue learning about how to master the water element inside of myself.

Chapter 1. What Is a Mermaid and a Mermaid Kingdom?

Mermaids are elemental beings that exist on the astral plane. They embody the vibration of water. A simple way to think of it is that they are the personification of the watery element. If water could talk, then it would be a mermaid.

The astral realm in simple terms is a spirit realm. It is a place where souls can exist as pure energy without needing a physical body. Beings in the astral realm often retain the physical appearance they had when alive, but they are free to assume other forms.

One aspect of the astral plane is that what you think manifests immediately. If you think to yourself, “This hurts,” you may suddenly feel pain. And if you think, “The pain is gone,” then pain will stop. By contrast, on Earth there is a time lag between thought and reality.

A general rule is that the more similar you are in vibration to something, the more likely you are to draw it into your life. In the 3rd dimension here on Earth (where we exist in a physical world shaped by linear time), many of us still have negative thoughts or beliefs about ourselves or others. Thought does not instantly become reality here, because in our 3rd dimension we have the opportunity to correct misaligned beliefs before they manifest.

The 3rd dimension is the training ground for the astral realm. On Earth we often make mistakes and learn from them. The closer we get to the 4th dimension (sometimes used synonymously with the astral realm), the quicker our thoughts become reality.

The astral realm is sometimes referred to as the “emotional realm” because emotions strongly shape how the world is perceived. The mer people have mastered their thoughts and emotions to such a degree that they can assist with the manifestation of dreams and help us get in touch with emotions that many of us do not fully understand.

The purpose of the mermaid realm is to love and to enrich the water element in the spirit world. Think of the astral realm as a giant space with dozens of doors. One door is labeled “dragons” and another is labeled “faeries” with many other magical doors nearby. Here also is a gate leading to the stunning realm of mermaids.

It is also possible to create one’s own mermaid kingdom on the astral plane. Doing so can enhance an individual’s ability to connect to the mermaid realm. When I discuss how to create a mermaid kingdom, I mean two different things.

The first way to build a mermaid kingdom is to make one in the physical world. My bedroom and home are filled with beautiful tanks of fish and aquatic creatures. They are physical beings that I bring into my personal space so that I can have a tangible experience with the water element. I will discuss the merits of physical interactions with water creatures and how they can help us connect to the mermaid realm in a later chapter.

The second way to build a mermaid kingdom is inside of yourself. By this I mean that you can create your own mermaid realm without ever buying a single fish tank or silicone mermaid tail. By inviting astral allies into your space, honing your empathy skills, and developing “mermaid consciousness,” you can become an ambassador for mermaids on Earth and align with everything they represent. The rich, interior world of this second kind of mermaid kingdom is far more important than the first because it can be a permanent part of who you are.

This mermaid kingdom takes time to develop. With patience and perseverance, it is possible to become everything that a mer person is and to assist the mermaid realm in the magical work of bringing the spirit of the water element into our world. The process of “building” refers to the internal work necessary for aligning oneself with the vibration of water and the mermaid realm.

“Like attracts like” in the astral realm and mermaids tend to be near the vibrations of things that emulate them. This is why mermaid consciousness is usually easier to sense next to an ocean rather than in the desert. Mermaid consciousness is present in any form of water, but it intensifies near larger bodies of water.

Building a mermaid kingdom inside of oneself requires individuals to integrate water into their aura, spiritual self, and mental self. In other words, if you feel, perceive, and act like a mermaid or merman, you are more likely to attract their presence. Mermaids generally do not pick and choose who they associate with like humans do (based on social hierarchy etc.). Like water, they naturally flow to an area of least resistance and end up near similar vibrations like two drops of water becoming one.

Mermaids do not live with physical bodies in our ocean, but in that part of the astral plane that is parallel to our ocean. It is a dimension that exists within the physical water on our planet.

Building mermaid kingdoms works best if you have a good understanding of what water means to humanity. Since mermaids are the energetic ambassadors for the water element, we need to understand the importance of water in our spiritual development. Most of us are aware of our physical need for fluids, but the spiritual integration of water is typically unknown territory. Wearing a mermaid tail, cultivating wavy mermaid hair, and putting on sparkly makeup are fun things to do, but the true spirit of mermaids is independent of physical embellishment. Only your inner self and alignment with the watery element can provide access to the beautiful and mysterious world of the mermaids.

About The Author

Elyrria Swannlives in Sedona, Arizona, where she can be found meditating at vortex sites, mermaiding in natural rivers and streams, and serving as an ambassador for the elemental and extraterrestrial beings who make contact with her. She maintains a career in the health sciences and devotes as much time as possible to taking care of the land and natural wildlife in the High Sonoran Desert.

About The Reader

Product Details

  • Publisher: Inner Traditions Audio (November 9, 2021)
  • Runtime: 3 hours and 23 minutes
  • ISBN13: 9781644116524

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Raves and Reviews

“Water is sacred, and mermaids are real! Elyrria Swann captures the true nature of what it means to be in connection with the element of water and the beings that reside within it. Devoid of fluff, this book is made for those truth seekers wanting to develop a deeper relationship with the water within themselves and the world.”

– Salicrow, author of The Path of Elemental Witchcraft

“There is a place we are drawn to for comfort and sanctuary, for it is the place from which we originally came. And there are people with a high level of empathy who are very giving of their love. That place is the water realm, and the people are mermaids, who have come to us in human form to remind us about what we have forgotten. Come and join Elyrria in the mystical undersea world, where you may discover your mermaid or merman within.”

– Tamarack Song, author of Becoming Nature

“Elyrria Swann transports us into the magical and ethereal world of water, as she weaves her personal stories beautifully with lessons and techniques designed to develop our own aquatic relationships. She speaks for the water spirits, revealing new dimensions of love, compassion,healing, and well-being. This enchanting book offers us a rewarding and adventurous pathway to balance and harmony with the natural world.”

– Jean Marie Herzel, author of Nature Spirit Tarot

"The entire book is easy to read and feels like you are chatting with the author at a cute small coffee shop. The length is perfect and I enjoyed this book very much. For any readers out there who feel connected to the ocean and water, and of course, mermaids. How to Become a Mermaid is enchanting and I highly recommend."

– Lisa McSherry,

"....a delightfully readable offering of watery arcana and contemplative meditations. Most anyone who feels connected with creatures who live in or near fresh or salt water who collects seashells, or who imagines standing under a waterfall while in the shower will find something in these pages to satisfy their curiosity and expand their interest."

– Rebecca Bailey, SageWoman

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