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"Packed full of adventure and ending with a cliffhanger that leaves readers anxiously awaiting a sequel." -- Booklist on The Goblets Immortal, Book 1 in the series.

Having killed his lifelong enemy, Aidan Ingledark finds himself in possession of a map to the Questing Goblet, one of the Goblets Immortal that gives the drinker luck beyond measure. Meraude seeks this Goblet to wipe out magic-kind. Aidan and his traveling companion are determined to find it first but they must battle through illusion and doubt.

Jinn’s a Sightful seeking the Summoner. She wants to kill her mother, but her foresight ends in darkness. Can she enlist Aidan's help and change her fate?

The threat of Meraude and her dominion are imminent in this sequel to The Goblets Immortal.

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Beth Overmyer is the author of several works of genre fiction, the middle grade novella In a Pickle being among them. Fueled by tea, loved by cats everywhere, she balances her home life with writing novels and leading a creative writing group at her local library.

"Overmyer ramps up the action in this suspenseful sequel to 'The Goblets Immortal' [...] the magic system is innovative as ever and the dramatic chase scenes drive the plot forward. Series devotees will find plenty to hold their attention."

– Publishers Weekly

Praise for The Goblets Immortal (Book #1 in The Goblets Immortal series):

“Overmyer has written a promising series opener with a rich supporting cast of characters. Packed full of adventure and ending with a cliffhanger that leaves readers anxiously awaiting a sequel.” — ALA Booklist

“The magic system that Overmyer creates is compelling as well as familiar, so the reader has no issues buying into it the moment it is introduced. This fantasy has a similar flavor to YA, making it a good transition novel for the teen who is ready to begin reading adult fantasy. The book is fast-paced and can be read in a day—perfect for a long airplane ride.” — SciFiMoviePage

“The Goblets Immortal is a very interesting and unique fantasy story. Aiden and Slaine are very characters that are worth following, there is cool magic, an evil Mage, and almost no knows what is going on! It is fun and chaotic, and I really enjoyed the read.” — FanFiAddict

“I had a blast reading this compelling fantasy with a wonderful character driven plot lead by a sympathetic, but kick ass main character! I highly recommend this book!” — The Haunted Fae

“A well-paced, character driven novel that immediately pulled me in and wouldn’t let me put it down.” — Jessica Belmont

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