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Her Beautiful Monster

The Ravi PI Series

Book #2 of Ravi PI

About The Book

“Tantimedh’s vivid and divinely beleaguered Ravi is a triumph of the fabulous. Introduce yourself to him immediately.” —Alan Moore

Enjoy “the best high-concept television show you’ve never seen” (Alan Moore) in this second book of the Ravi PI series, featuring detective Ravi Chandra Singh and his team at the gleefully amoral, unfailingly dangerous secret agency Golden Sentinels.

When Ravi’s colleagues at Golden Sentinels discover that he sees gods in moments of heightened anxiety and stress, they are surprisingly fine with it. They even encourage him to incorporate his visions into his work, especially now that the cases have become more intense, with many hidden risks at play.

But their latest case—a search for a dead Russian oligarch’s last will and testament—leads to more than anyone expected: a missing heir, murderous relatives, and geopolitical implications. So, when Ravi’s boss sends him to Los Angeles to wait out the heat, it’s almost a relief…until Ravi’s past catches up to him.

In this thrilling and complex sequel to the “exciting and dynamic” (Deepak Chopra) Her Nightly Embrace, nothing is what it seems as Ravi stumbles upon a dangerous scheme that involves the CIA, MI5, and a wanted man with a $20 million price on his head.


Her Beautiful Monster ONE
Pack of racists in bomber jackets called me a “fucking Paki” on the street the other day. The usual stuff about going back to where I came from. Racists never need facts or accuracy, and I wasn’t going to correct them and say I was actually Hindu, of Indian ancestry, not Pakistani-Muslim, and born and raised in Parsons Green in West London. I wasn’t going to break cover since I was on the job.

Buddha used to say there was no need to take revenge. If you waited long enough, the bodies of your enemies would eventually float by in the river. In my case, I had Ken and Clive to beat them up for me. Two violent, trained ex-coppers built like brick shithouses against four gangly racists in tracksuits? No contest. And did I say Clive used to be in the army before he became a copper? Soldiers were taught to kill people with their thumbs, if necessary. It had been a few weeks since Ken and Clive last fed their bloodlust.

“The fat one looks like a human version of a boil,” Julia said.

“He’s like everyone’s cartoon of what a British racist looks like,” I said. “I didn’t think that look actually existed.”

The blob of a man hit the ground. He wasn’t getting up again for a bit. He made me think of the Millennium Dome.

Two broken noses, one fractured jaw, and at least one concussion later, Ken and Clive walked back to us, happily sated. Their grins did not make me comfortable anymore.

Ken and Clive didn’t do it for me, of course. They just wanted any excuse to kick off and fuck someone up. It had been three weeks since they had gotten to quench their lust for violence, and these idiots fit the bill. The violence also reinforced their cover as my bodyguards.

Julia squeezed my arm as we continued on our way, Ken and Clive falling in line alongside us. Mark just nodded in approval.

This aggressive show of power seemed to impress our mark. Tarquin Gaskell-Bridger. I was a tycoon from Mumbai here to see his pitch for his dodgy anti-drone technology. He watched in awe at the short work my “bodyguards” made of those unfortunate dickheads. I was a prospective investor in his dodgy venture, and this was the kind of power at my command. Having Ken and Clive with me meant I was not to be fucked with.

“A perfect snapshot of the dystopian Dickensian nightmare that Britain is becoming,” Mark Oldham declared cheerfully.

He would say that. Mark was our disillusioned poet at Golden Sentinels Private Investigations and Security Agency. He looked upon the world through a haze of marijuana smoke and saw it broken and sad, and he could only laugh and make jokes. We were here because of him, and he wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

About The Author

Adi Tantimedh has a BA in English Literature from Bennington College and an MFA in Film and Television Production from New York University. He is of Chinese-Thai descent and came of age in Singapore and London. He has written radio plays and television scripts for the BBC and screenplays for various Hollywood companies, as well as graphic novels for DC Comics and Big Head Press, and a weekly column about pop culture for He wrote “Zinky Boys Go Underground,” the first post-Cold War Russian gangster thriller, which won the BAFTA for Best Short Film in 1995 and is the author of Her Nightly Embrace, Her Beautiful Monster, and Her Fugitive Heart.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Atria/Leopoldo & Co. (June 5, 2018)
  • Length: 320 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781501130618

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Praise for Her Beautiful Monster

"With its firecracker box-set pace and spectacular big-budget imagery, Adi Tantimedh’s Her Beautiful Monster is the best high-concept television show you’ve never seen, with hardboiled Hindu gods and two-fisted theology acted out against the treachery, politics and violence of a blisteringly modern digital world. Walking the precarious tightrope between shamus and shaman, Tantimedh’s vivid and divinely beleaguered Ravi is a triumph of the fabulous. Introduce yourself to him immediately."

– Alan Moore

"Once again, Tantimedh ebulliently spins out a world in which pandemonium doesn’t reign; it pours."

– Kirkus Reviews

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