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Healing Trees

A Pocket Guide to Forest Bathing

Foreword by Amos Clifford

Take a walk in the woods to find yourself. This book is intended as an easy approach to forest bathing, a concept that is now making its way into health and wellness practices. Part spiritual guide and part practitioner’s handbook, this accessible, practical, positivity-rich book is designed to be taken on every walk to encourage mindfulness, contentedness, and presence in the moment. Written in a beautiful, encouraging style by a highly qualified and mediagenic author, the book also contains amazing hand-drawn illustrations of forest scenes. 

Ben Page is the Director of Training for the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy. He is the founder of Shinrin Yoku LA and has been guiding forest therapy walks since 2015, working in partnership with local arboreta and botanical gardens as well as state parks and private land managers. Since his practice began, Ben’s work has been featured in such publications as Women’s Health, USA Today, Good Morning America, The Washington Post, Forbes, and WebMD.

City/state of residence: Los Angeles, CA