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Discover Your Soul Mission

Calling on Angels to Manifest Your Life Purpose

Published by Findhorn Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

• Shares practices to bring you back in touch with the energy of your inner child, reconnect your soul with its mission, explore your soul contracts, and call on the Angels to support you

• Details ways of connecting with your Soul Mission and offers guidance for aligning through each method

• Includes a fun exercise to establish a 12-month Soul Mission Manifestation Plan and set things in motion

WOULDN’T IT BE GREAT to jump out of bed in the morning, eager to start the day, knowing that this day--each day!--is an opportunity to align yourself with your very own divine purpose for being on Earth?

Reminding us of our connection to Source, Discover Your Soul Mission shows a way to remember, to understand why we were born and what we are meant to experience on this planet. As we touch in with the energy of our inner child, we rediscover that sweet spot that made our heart sing when young, that direct line to our soul. While soul contracts with family and others might impact us on our path in different directions, we can reopen the clear channel to the GPS of our heart and energetic system through meditations, reflections, and exercises. Once realigned with the mission of our soul, many divine tools of manifestation open to us and, supported by angelic mentors, we will be guided to establish our personal 12-month Mission Manifestation Plan that helps realize our life purpose.

Guiding many in the quest for meaning and purpose, Kathryn Hudson shares how to move from feeling out of place or out of sorts with where we are in our lives to moving intentionally into fulfillment and knowing that we are exactly where we are meant to be. And why do it alone if divine help is at hand? Taking you from simple questions and requests to direct experience and actual co-creation with the angelic realm, Discover Your Soul Mission offers a way to bring renewed zest to your life.


From Chapter 4: Soul Mission--Our Life Purpose

So far, we have looked at how souls envisage their life’s mission on Earth in co-creation with God/Source and then embark on their intrepid journey as human beings. We have looked at how our personal context from birth was meticulously planned, and how our form and our strengths and weaknesses all support the realization of the mission that our soul has chosen.

We have even explored the Divine assistance that is always ready to help us, especially our Guardian Presence and Archangels, if we would but call upon them. But what about calling on our souls, ourselves?

When we pierce the illusion of separation, we may get a glimpse of the unity that underlies the truth: There is no place that God is not. But when it is time (and it is, perhaps, if you are reading this), can we recognize that the soul who chose us is us, the truth of who we are? Can we (and do we even want to) realign with that Divine aspect of ourselves to more easily fulfill the purpose for which we were born? Well, all that might take a bit of time to get used to, non?


The first step in coming into alignment with our Divine aspect and thus, our purpose, is to recognize that we are perfectly on time. We are not meant to undo years of forgetfulness in one fell swoop; rather, we are meant to allow the haze of The Forgetting to lift slowly, steadily, at a rhythm that allows us to grow accustomed to who we are in a delightful fashion. No rush, no fear. Recognizing that we were gradually embedded into the world’s limited vision of our life here on Earth, the most peaceful (and so the highest and best) way of undoing The Forgetting is to do so over time. So, no matter how eager we might be for change and fulfillment, in this book we will do what the Angels suggest we do, in general; that is, take things slowly and easily. One step at a time, we will move steadily forward, peacefully.

Soul Mission versus Life Purpose

In Chapter 2, we discussed at length what sorts of missions souls might embark on, and the myriad ways these missions may be lived out—or not, as the ground rule here on Earth is that all humans have free will.

Further, we looked at those of us who are Lightworkers and our mission: to bring Light into darkness, hope into despair, Love into fear (basically, the Prayer of St. Francis). While we have a sense of what the soul is looking for here, since we know that free will (literally) rules, what about human beings? Do we get to have a say about all this?

So glad you asked!

Outside of when we are born, our circumstances, and when and how we die, we have a say in everything! Nothing happens unless we allow it on some level. Whether or not a human being is aware of our soul (most really aren’t, not really), we choose. Even choosing to do nothing or believe we have no choice is, well, a choice. When we are solidly in the haze of The Forgetting, chances are pretty good that we will never align with our soul mission, so great can be the worry and fear surrounding us. This is often why so many people die with regret; they were too afraid to live.

This is also why depression is the fastest growing sickness in the Western world, and why burnouts are multiplying. When our choices distance us from our soul mission, something inside us suffers. There is no logic to it, so society has no good response. (Drugging us is not, I would argue, a “good” response, although I recognize that, in the short term, this can be a way to get over the hump as we realign and readjust.)

The rise in cases of depression and burnout is not because we are weaker than previous generations, but rather, because we are in an evolutionary time for humanity and our stronger sensitivity is pushing us to other ways of being. Continuing a way of living that was molded in the past is less and less tenable, and if we force ourselves to be what the world wants us to be, it can be disastrous for our health and well-being.

Knowing that we always have the final word with regard to our path, then, it is perhaps a good idea to differentiate between soul mission and life purpose, as we use them here:

Our soul mission is the objective the soul has chosen this lifetime through you, in co-creation with God; the human role in carrying out our soul mission is our life purpose--how we as human beings on the planet will align with that mission, or not!

For example, a sensitive soul might be here to play a Lightworker role, but perhaps that very sensitivity is creating fear, causing them to “hide out” from that mission (I know whereof I speak; we can hide out in so many ways). Activities that diminish our sensitivity constitute “hiding out”: drugs, alcohol, gambling, too much exercise, too much work, too much social media, too much TV; in fact, anything that desensitizes us. You get the picture.

In line with the Universal Law of Energy that states, “Where our attention goes, so goes our energy,” when we throw ourselves into any habit to an extreme, there is no space left for welcoming in the new. Thus, by hiding out in this way, we may remain stuck in The Forgetting, either consciously or unconsciously.

While some of us fall into such traps unconsciously, I can personally attest that some of us are conscious that we are putting off what is important and not taking the path that awaits us. This is sometimes done out of fear—fear of change is the poison gas that keeps many in The Forgetting or the avoidance of Re-membering; however, such avoidance can also be rooted in anger, especially if the world has been harsh toward us in the past. Imagining that the big bad world does not deserve our Light can make us even more stuck in The Forgetting, and this can go on for a long, long time.

Many of the souls arriving on the planet now have more resilience and are born with the desire to change the world, and so they shall. But those of us who are already here are preparing the way, and any one of us who awakens to the mission and aligns with it, making of it our human purpose, contributes greatly to the shifting to come.

A human being can, of course, align “accidentally” with the soul mission (or not so accidentally), as we have seen earlier. For example, if a soul is here to express music, it will have chosen a vessel gifted in that, perhaps born to a musical family, setting the scene for the human to choose a life of music, seemingly of their own free will. A prodigy is not necessarily wondering if their soul chose the path or if they did; they are already en route, and thus, life purpose aligns to soul mission.

But if we are not a born prodigy, how can we connect with our soul mission? Further, are we sure that is a good idea? What do we humans get out of the deal?

All good questions! When I was starting out, a rather stubborn streak in me regularly posed such questions, keeping soul level honest. It is incumbent upon us to take our free will seriously, to enjoy it to the full, but standing in our free will and human power does not mean that we should reject out of hand the journey being proposed by our soul. Far from it!

Tracing the journey of the soul’s choosing is a fulfilling and Joyful way to live. A human does not submit to the will of the soul, but rather, embraces it with Joy, because it is delightful and meaningful and in perfect harmony with our instrument; the human being role we are here to play.

We discussed earlier that when a new person, place, or situation is (oddly) familiar, it is an indicator that we are treading a path foreseen by our soul. But that is not the only time we can be sure of our progress toward fulfilling the life purpose and soul mission that is ours. We can also be confident of it when we experience the “sweet spot” and “the flow.”

* * *

Getting Back the Mojo

So, when we have lost connection with our soul and mission, when our purpose is fuzzy and the haze of Forgetting is like a thick pea soup, how can we get our mojo back? How can we find the sweet spot and renew our Flow, so that synchronicities daily assure us that we are on the right path?

Paying attention and watching for sweet spots and welcoming them, saying yes to doors flying open for us, and letting go of what was as we move forward will always shift things back into movement.

How do we find a sweet spot? Listen to small notions that don’t make sense, such as, I’d like to walk down this street to see what is there, or I could really use a nap, or It’s been a while since I called Wies. Noticing inclinations that seem to come out of nowhere can adjust our perspective, so that the prow of our “canoe” catches a current, bringing us back into The Flow.

But what about when inspiration runs dry? What if we feel like we have really lost the juice? I often have clients who come see me for this very reason. It can hurt to feel like you have lost the juicy sweet spot, once you have found it, and once spiritual connection with soul is in place, we miss it terribly if we stray off the path into a dry spell.

Dry Spells

Many of my clients speak to a common phenomenon that I like to call “dry spells.” They feel sad or angry or confused, because they had experienced the sweet spot of soul connection, and connection with their Angels in the past, but it seems to have dried up!

Some look to cast blame—on God, the Angels, loved ones, black magic curses, or even themselves. They feel that sacred connection has dried up and look for reasons, blame maybe, but above all, solutions, ways to get it back. Of course, such limiting beliefs fill their energetic field, which attracts only more of the same, keeping the person from a lifting of the veil, which is hidden in the dry spell experience.

I am always happy to work with such folks, as a simple shift in perspective can often do the trick!

In Nature, a dry spell is a time when a lack of rain dries out the land, rendering it less fertile for creation. The saving grace of rain is the only real remedy for Nature’s dry spells. But for humans on a spiritual path, the news is better! Since all progress to Re-membering is a grace, a dose of understanding of what is really going on can shift our energy and thus, our sacred experience.

There are two things to remember here, both very helpful:

God’s Plan. Everything truly happens for a good evolutionary reason, even when we can’t see it.

Part of the Process. The “dry spell” is actually a deepening; step two of a three-step process to deepened spiritual experience, ecstatic awakening, slowing/dry spell, and deepened Re-membering.

About The Author

Kathryn Hudson is a certified Angel Therapy and Crystal Healing practitioner and teacher. Also a Reiki Master teacher, Kathryn writes, speaks, and teaches all over the world on opening up to the spiritual side of life. She lives in France.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Findhorn Press (April 19, 2022)
  • Length: 208 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781644115244

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“This practice-rich guide will help you remember your Divinity and embrace your soul mission. Sprinkled with angelic goodness and grounded wisdom throughout.”

– CALISTA, founder of Angel Healing® and author of The Female Archangels

“The processes Kathryn Hudson offers in Discover Your Soul Mission are life-changing as they guide us step-by-step into a deeper, richer, more colorful way of living. By reading this book you will never feel alone again, and you will know how to tap into the angelic and universal resources and wisdom you deserve and thrive in this new time for humanity.”

– LILOU MACÉ, webTV interviewer, video blogger, and author of The Yoni Egg

Discover Your Soul Mission is a hands-on, step-by-step guide helping you to penetrate the layers the world has placed over your individual light to find your own sweet spot and flow. As always, Hudson’s tone is light and easy, a gentle voyage to the soul. Read it and find your shine!”

– KATHY TYLER, coach and co-creator of The Transformation Game, The Original Angel Cards, and Framewor

“Kathryn Hudson’s new book, Discover Your Soul Mission, brings another pearl to the treasure she has been sharing with her followers in the United States and abroad. In it, she adds a spiritual and even biblical dimension to the conversation about the meaning of life, bringing angels and the ‘seeding’ of our being (God forming each and all while still in the womb) with our unique ‘sweet spot’ (our God-given gifts freely bestowed upon us), for us then to offer out into the world by simply following our sweet spot of joy. As ever, an excellent read, with Hudson’s humor and conversational style rendering deep material light and even fun to read, with excellent exercises to get to know our individual sweet spots better. Highly recommended.”

– Rev. Everett Thoma s, Ph.D., rector, St. Francis by the Sea

“Kathryn Hudson really is an angel guiding us to reconnect with who we truly are. Her Discover Your Soul Mission is a playful and deeply insightful book that supports us in our daily life and helps us find our true mission here on Earth. Sometimes you laugh out loud and sometimes you shed a tear--her wonderful stories and teachings are profound messages that we need to read again and again. I highly recommend Kathryn’s new book, such a delight and written in such a light and clear way.”

– FRANS STIENE, cofounder of the International House of Reiki and author of The Way of Reiki, The Inne

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