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Published by Mason Crest
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Cheerleading is a sport that brings to mind young girls and women wearing shiny outfits, waving pom-poms, performing intricate dance routines, and leading the crowds in cheers. However, this was not always the case. The first cheerleader was actually a man, and it was 20 years before women got involved in the sport. The late twentieth century saw cheerleading continue to evolve, and schools and colleges throughout the United States adopted standard rules and regulations. Today, cheerleading is a sport with participants worldwide, and cheerleading squads can be found at more than just football games. Basketball, swimming, and even wrestling teams now have their own squads cheering them on. This book will provide readers with a brief history of the sport, and will explain: • Common cheerleading injuries and typical treatment methods. • Warm-up exercises designed to prepare the body for cheerleading. • The importance of being mentally prepared. • The basics in cheerleading equipment. • The importance of good nutrition. • The dangers of performance-enhancing drugs.

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