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Capitalize on Merger Chaos

Six Ways to Profit from Your Competitors' Consolidation and Your Own

About The Book

Merger mania is at an all-time peak. Yet up to 80 percent of mergers fail because of culture clashes, mismanagement, and the chaos that ensues. Taking this failure rate into account, merger experts Thomas M. Grubb and Robert B. Lamb have written the first book that arms managers with strategies to exploit the many growth and profit opportunities created when competitors are coping with merger chaos. Grubb and Lamb show why firms miss huge financial opportunities when they stay passive while their competitors struggle in merger chaos. They present a fast-paced primer for action when your corporate rivals merge, based on six strategies:
  • Attack your competitors when they are distracted by their mergers' turmoil and confusion.
  • Create a "magnet strategy" to attract and hire your merging competitors' best people while their companies are in a state of merger shock.
  • Use the threat to your firm's survival caused by giant competitors' mergers in order to jump-start your own internal change.
  • Use multiple alliances, networks, licensing, franchising, or joint ventures -- instead of mergers -- to fuel explosive growth.
  • Plan and execute your firm's fast-track mergers and acquisitions.
  • Create a composite strategy by using two or more of the above strategies simultaneously to maximize your growth and profitability.

The authors analyze winning strategies at AOL, General Electric, Dell, Ford, Cisco Systems, and Vodaphone as well as failures at Coca Cola, Boeing, Union Pacific, Compaq, and Sunbeam. The result is "must" reading for operating managers at all levels, investment bankers, and mergers and acquisition specialists.

About The Authors

Product Details

  • Publisher: Free Press (February 21, 2001)
  • Length: 224 pages
  • ISBN13: 9780743211246

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Raves and Reviews

Thomas Meredith Managing Director, Dell Ventures, and Former Chief Financial Officer, Dell Computer Capitalize on Merger Chaos is a very powerful book filled with deep insights and indelible examples. The authors' splendid analysis spells out why your firm must become a magnet for top talent in order to keep pace in today's global arena.

David M. Darst Managing Director, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter An excellent and highly original work on how companies and managers can take advantage of heightened merger activity, rather than having it take advantage of them...contains some of the most illuminating and imaginative ways of thinking about business, technology, brands, customers, and corporate cultures that I have yet encountered, all presented in a practical and powerful way.

Peter Lorange, President International Institute for Management Development A must read for today's strategic thinkers.

David A. Nadler Chairman, Mercer Delta Consulting This unique and creative look at one of the dominant trends of our time should be required reading for any executive in an industry where M&A is going on, whether they or their competitors are doing the acquiring. The authors have developed a clear and useful framework, illustrated by helpful examples. A significant contribution!

Sharon M. Shelley Division Sales Manager, Roche Pharmaceuticals, a Division of Hoffmann-La Roche The essential merger mania "tool kit" for managers! The authors' six strategies are critical for those firms that strive to become the market leader in a consolidating industry.

Hirotsugu Iikubo Chairman and CEO, Decision Systems, Inc., Tokyo Using a competitor's turmoil as a tool to achieve your own corporate objectives is a truly insightful competitive strategy. Together, the six strategies and the "diamond management" concept offer readers a new perspective on M&A.

Ronald Berenbeim Principal Researcher, The Conference Board How you can exploit the strategic opportunities that result from your competition's poorly executed mergers....the best antidote on the market for one of the business world's most crippling diseases -- merger megalomania.

Murry J. Mercier Chief Information Officer, Integrated Health Services A powerful guide to untapping the potential for growth and profitability from existing operations.

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