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Breaking Blue

Real Life Stories of Cops Falsely Accused

Body cams and dashcams have fundamentally transformed law enforcement in recent years. These innovations can help prove someone committed a crime, or didn't. Real-life footage has cleared people initially accused of wrongdoing, and in certain instances even implicated officers. But that same type of footage can also be used to clear police falsely accused of misdeeds. From allegations of harassment or bias to false arrests or even criminal conduct, these videos can prove officers did not cross a line as sometimes they are alleged to have done. 

Breaking Blue is the first book that shares real stories of cops accused of wrongdoing and subsequently cleared. Charges may have been brought against them, Internal Affairs may have started an investigation, but in many cases, thanks to the officer’s body cam or dashcam videos, the true story came to light, with charges ultimately dismissed or initial convictions overturned.

Sergeant Sean “Sticks” Larkin of the Tulsa Police Department Gang Unit and host of A&E show Live PD, presents real stories of officers falsely accused. . .. including his own. 

Now, we can finally get both sides of the story for citizens and the police officers hired to serve and protect. 




Sean "Sticks" Larkin has spent 20 plus years working the streets as a Police Officer in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The vast majority of his law enforcement career has been been spent disrupting criminal street gangs and reducing violent crime to provide a safer life the citizens of Tulsa. He has worked in patrol, Major Crimes Homicide and Street Crimes before being promoted to Sergeant. As a supervisor he has overseen the Narcotics Unit, the Organized Gang Unit, and most recently the Crime Gun Unit. Sean currently provides expert analysis on A&E's hit television show LivePD and he also hosts the A&E television show PD Cam. Sean resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his two children.