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Bending Reality

How to Make the Impossible Probable

Published by Forefront Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Bending Reality is the innovative process used by billionaires, tech leaders, and the world’s most successful people to make the impossible . . . probable.

Victoria Song teaches readers how to unlock the hidden power within their bodies to get what they want. After achieving success but lacking fulfillment as a student at Yale University and Harvard Business School, and then as a Forbes 30 Under 30 Venture Capitalist, Victoria set off on an unusual quest to study, train, and work with more than 24 of the best coaches, therapists, and healers in the world. She then deployed the skills and tools she’d learned with a diverse group of the world’s highest performers. Through it all, she’s discovered the codes that enable her clients to bend reality toward the directions they want.

By accessing this extraordinary ability, Victoria’s clients have sold a company for 4 billion dollars, grown revenue 1,000% during a pandemic, and pivoted to design a more effective COVID-19 vaccine. Victoria reveals the meta-framework behind peak performance, self-development, therapy, and meditation that is accessible for all. Whether you’ve studied these areas closely or this is the first book you’ve read on this topic, you’ll have a front row seat to how the world’s elite use this knowledge to achieve more while doing less.

In this fast-paced guide to success, you will learn how to:

  • Bend reality by mastering two states of being that most people aren’t even aware of. 
  • Navigate change and face the unknown like the greatest leaders.
  • Access creative downloads that artists, musicians, and geniuses receive.
  • Make your own luck—there’s literally a recipe!
  • Find your unique “zone of genius” and live from it every day.


Packed with powerful tools and exercises, Bending Reality will move you beyond intellectual understanding to embodiment. This is not another mindset book. You’re ready for Bending Reality if you realize it’s time to go beyond the mind and harness the full capacity of your consciousness to make quantum leaps in every area of your life.

After learning how to bend reality, you will no longer need to memorize rules, tips, or tricks, but you will embody the essence of a remarkable leader who can make the impossible—probable. 



 Victoria Song began her career as a venture capitalist investing in the fastest growing technology startups, where she got to see first-hand what the most successful entrepreneurs did differently to win. She was featured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for her investment success. After studying economics at Yale College and leadership at Harvard Business School, she received her most valuable learnings from over 24 of the world’s best coaches, therapists and alternative healers who teach lessons not available in even the most exclusive universities.

With a unique blend of business, leadership, and self-development acumen, Victoria is now a Leadership Advisor to visionary founders and CEOs of the fastest growing technology companies in Silicon Valley, and celebrities with power, platform, and influence. With Victoria’s guidance, her clients feel calm, confident and energized as they scale their multi-billion dollar companies and inspire their teams with their vision and leadership – all the while enjoying a personal life they love.

She has shared the stage with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, and has been featured in the WSJ, Forbes, Glamour, Shape and Boston Globe.

Victoria is an exceptional leader and truly independent thinker. Bending Reality reveals her unique insights into the entrepreneurial journey to help founders find success and inner peace along the way. It's the only book I brought with me in my recent move, and I wish I had it when I started Product Hunt years ago.

– Ryan Hoover, Founder & Former CEO of Product Hunt, acquired by AngelList

Victoria is able to take complex, abstract concepts and distill them down into a simple working model that is somehow both profound yet obvious once you have it shown to you. As founders who've worked with Victoria through the most stressful and most rewarding years of our lives, we believe everyone should know this. The results have been life changing

– - George Ruan and Ryan Hudson, Co-Founders of Honey, acquired by PayPal for $4 Billion

Unconventional wisdom is Victoria's superpower. She profoundly understands human systems and her insights are life changing. Bending Reality is the "How To" Guide for reaching your personal peak without burning out. Building the first electric, hydrofoiling, self-driving boat required all of me. Victoria showed me that my mind can only take me so far and gave me the tools to access resources I didn’t even know I had. 

– Sampriti Bhattacharyya, Co-founder & CEO of Navier, the first electric, hydrofoiling, selfdriving boat

Victoria is the real deal. The insights she shares in Bending Reality are a must-read for founders and future founders. You'll be amazed by what you can achieve. Her combination of rigorous strategy insights and ability to go deep into the subconscious mind is unique. She has not only helped execute a challenging pivot towards building next-generation covid vaccines, but, perhaps more importantly, has helped us expand our vision of what HelixNano is and can become: global transformation of human health.

– Hannu Rajaniemi and Nikolai Eroshenko, Co-Founders of HelixNano, next-gen mRNA platform