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Animal Messengers

An A-Z Guide to Signs and Omens in the Natural World

Published by Bear & Company
Distributed by Simon & Schuster



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About The Book

An animal-by-animal guide that reveals the meaning behind each encounter we have with animals

• Provides sophisticated psychological insight into encounters with more than 150 animals, birds, reptiles, insects, and aquatic life

• Explores how animals reflect our inner world, drawing our attention to inner turmoil, relationship issues, spiritual growth, and the deepest needs of the soul

• Explains how the meaning of each encounter depends on whether the animal was hunting, fleeing, hiding, or acting indifferent when sighted

We each feel connections to animals in our own way. Some of us have pets. Others admire animals in the wild. Because the outer world often reflects our internal states and animals are highly sensitive to our energies, each encounter with an animal signals something about our inner world and innermost concerns. The spontaneous, surprising contacts are the telling ones: a sparrow landing next to you, a fox darting across the road, or a bee alighting on your hand. However, even regular encounters with our pets can draw attention to our inner world and what needs to be thought over and grappled with, from psychic turmoil and relationship issues to spiritual growth and the deepest needs of the soul.

Providing sophisticated psychological insight into encounters with more than 150 animals, birds, reptiles, insects, and aquatic life, Regula Meyer explores the messages each animal provides for us on a personal level when we encounter them. She explains how the meaning of each encounter depends on whether the animal was hunting, fleeing, hiding, or acting indifferent when sighted. For example, a fleeing animal is prompting you to pursue a subject consciously, while a hiding animal tells you to patiently observe something and draw insights from it.

The author shows how animal encounters in the wild cause us to contemplate the present moment and inspire the flow of our perceptions, leading us to meditate on important concerns we may be ignoring or unaware of. Pets and other animals we see every day act as intensifiers of the energy for which they stand.

With this animal-by-animal guide, you can discover the deep meaning behind your encounters with animals and the messages they bring as oracles of our souls.



Your Inner and Outer World

We often encounter animals. Not every animal encounter is one that immediately signals something to us. Chiefly, those spontaneous, surprising contacts are the telling ones. It is also interesting to interpret the animals you encounter daily, or those you own as pets.

Perhaps I can help you to imagine, how it can be that a chance encounter may have something to tell you.

Imagine that you are at the center of the universe. Everything that surrounds you is a reflection of your inner reality. Because everything that exists comes from the same energy source and also understands the same laws, one can thus assume that everything is interconnected. In your inner self, these energies are formulated into thoughts and feelings, which give rise externally to forms, colors, and spaces. What moves and touches you internally also shows itself on the outside. Your inner world is constantly enlivened by astonishing impulses and ideas. Your outer universe also shows these movements.

I believe that the outer world, as the individual experiences it, is an exact mirror of what takes place in the inner world. No two people on earth ever take the same exact journey of perceptions through time and space. Even when two people spend a whole day together, they notice different details and react to different impulses. Perceptions are regulated by the “soul matrix,” the soul archetype. It is therefore the inner impulse that draws one’s attention to something. You are the center of your universe, and your inner world changes, as if in a kaleidoscope, around the center of your perceptions. Thus your archetypes, dogmas, and life themes are always forming new, fascinating mandalas.

The outer world offers the natural counterpart for these mandalas, and our intuitively linked sensory perception is continually building bridges between the internal processes and the corresponding external processes. Because this happens unconsciously, we humans do not create any conscious connection between internal processes and external events. Thus one could also say that people create external experiences for themselves with the help of their inner worlds.

How Can an Animal Encounter Be Interpreted?

To interpret an encounter with a messenger from the animal world as precisely as possible, the process of this encounter should be carefully noted. For this, several factors are important.

1. Observe: What was I thinking about? What problem was I moved by at the moment? Who was I musing about? How did I feel when I saw the animal? Be very exact about this. What counts is not the loudest topic but the most important!

2. How did I perceive the encounter? Did I see, hear, feel, or smell the animal first? Was it a single animal, or were there multiple animals?

3. How did the animal behave? Was it moving, did it hide, did it react to me, or was it simply going about its business?

4. Where did the animal come from? Where was it located (above or below)? If it was moving, where did it come from and where was it going?

5. Note the various colors of the animals.

6. Note the sex.

7. Young animals, when they are clearly recognizable as such, speak to a certain level within the observer.

8. Dead animals also carry a message.

9. Animals in combination are interesting. For example, a dog chasing a cat; a deer in the cow pasture; and so forth.

These factors should all be seen as resources. They can help you to interpret an observation when the message is not yet clear. The mental clarification of an interpretation through the points given above often enhances the strength of the encounter’s message. It is important, however, to arrive eventually at a point in your deliberation where you no longer analyze the message with your head. As soon as the first “Aha” moment arrives, follow your feelings, your impulses. Then ignore the external factors. The animal has brought you onto its trail. Just as the animal follows its instincts, you must follow yours.

Lightheartedness, Wonder

Bumblebees are furry insects that build their nests underground. Like other bees, they produce wax and construct honeycombs. They gather nectar and stock small supplies of honey for rainy days. Each colony only lasts for one summer. In late fall, fertile males and females emerge alongside the workers and mate. Then the whole colony dies except for the fertilized females, who shelter under moss for the winter.

In the spring, each female establishes a new colony. As with wasps, it is mainly the queen who takes care of the offspring, feeding them with honey. The females can sting; their stingers are smooth, and they can sting multiple times. However, bumblebee stings are extremely rare. According to the laws of aerodynamics, given the bumblebee’s body weight and wingspan, it should not be able to fly. Because the bees do not know this, they do so with a loud buzzing noise.


The humming of the bumblebee belongs to the summer. It is part of the easiness and lightheartedness of that season. An encounter with a bumblebee reminds you of enjoyment. Let go of those demoralizing thoughts and try not to plan your life around what is possible and what is impossible. Unhindered by restrictive knowledge, the bumblebee buzzes from flower to flower and gathers the nectar of existence, even if its life only lasts for a summer. If you have a very overt encounter with a bumblebee, it could be a sign that something impossible for you will soon become possible.

In other words, a miracle will happen. Perhaps all the miracles of today will be explainable by the science of tomorrow, but that does not matter. Miracles are unimaginable processes: events that are not predictable by present knowledge. So turn off your mind, breathe the moment deep into your heart, and let great, contented joy into yourself. What miracle will happen to you? You will see.

About The Author

Regula Meyer is a spiritual channeler with a deep connection to animals. She teaches workshops in Switzerland on guided meditation, the Medicine Wheel, life’s spiritual purpose, and power animals. She offers individual life-coaching and spiritual guidance consultations. She lives in Sevelen, Switzerland.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Bear & Company (May 29, 2015)
  • Length: 320 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781591431619

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Raves and Reviews

Animal Messengers not only reminds us that everything is interconnected, but Regula Meyer illuminates the golden, invisible threads that weave between humans and animals. This book is an essential resource for everyone who has wondered: Why is this animal in my life? Why now? Take to heart the wisdom within its pages. It will fill you with gratitude for how lovingly animals are supporting your well-being, your dreams, and your spiritual growth.”

– Allen and Linda Anderson, founders of Angel Animals Network and authors of A Dog Named Leaf, Angel D

“Who knew a chicken could guide the psyche to appreciate new beginnings? Worth having for its extensive information, quality writing, and depth of insight into human nature, Animal Messengers: An A-Z Guide to Signs and Omens in the Natural World is no quick and flimsy resource. Without droning on or confusing, it has enough fact and an unexpected level of psychology to satisfy any curious reader. It delighted my inner child, and my inner zoologist. Regula Meyer’s writing comes from a place of soul, and a concern for wildlife. Neither her spiritual nor ecological interests feel overbearing: anyone inclined to read this book is likely to share the author’s world view.”

– Spiral Nature, Tabitha Dial, March 2016

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