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John Mack

John Mack, born 1976, is an American photographer most noted for his work Revealing Mexico (powerHouse Books, 2010) which served as Mexico's celebratory book commemorating both the Centennial of the Revolution and the Bicentennial of Independence. After graduating from Duke University, Mack served as production assistant in Antarctica on the IMAX film The Endurance: Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition, and began shooting photography shortly thereafter. In 2002 he moved to Mexico to work, leading to his 2005 collaboration with author Susanne Steines in the publication of Xibalbá: Lost Dreams of the Mexican Rainforest, the contents of which were showcased on Mexico City's Rejas de Chapultepec (2008). At Their Home marks Mack's fourth publication. He is currently represented in NY by Robert Mann Gallery.

Books by John Mack