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John Mack

John Mack is a New York born (1976) photographer who, since 2001, has used his camera to capture candid, quintessential moments that reveal our humanity. Mack exhibits the poetry of the human soul as a counterpoint to a world that is every day becoming all the more dependent on logic, pragmatism, efficiency and automation.

Traveling the world seeking "real moments" of the human heart, his first publication, Xibalba, lost dreams of the Mexican Rainforest (2005), exhibited in Mexico City, tells the story of the risk to the human imagination and to sacred culture in the wake of an environment's exploitation and destruction. A later publication, Revealing Mexico (2010), exhibited in Rockefeller Center's Channel Gardens, brought the soft poetry of Mexico's land and people into the heart of New York City's bustling streets. Mack later published Marseille, at their home (2018), a collection of black and white street photography in the port citty of Marseille, France. His latest project, A Species Between Worlds: Our Nature, Our Screens (2022), addresses one of the most pressing conversations of our modern times: the digital takeover of human consciousness. On this topic Mack's creative passion has given life to multiple projects, including visual art, writing, and educational materials.

Mack has appeared on Charlie RoseThe Martha Stewart Show, and The Today Show. He received third prize in the category of photography at the 25th Annual New York Book Show for Revealing Mexico. Mack's photography is represented by the Robert Mann Gallery in New York City

Books by John Mack