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Memories of Alice Mayhew

This collection of memories celebrates the life of Alice Mayhew, with contributions from more than sixty friends, colleagues, and authors. Her career, which spanned more than fifty years, was extraordinary for both the books she published—many of which became cultural touchstones—and her broader influence on the publishing industry through the many individuals whose lives and careers were shaped by having known and worked with her.


Jill Abramson, Jonathan Alter, John Avlon, Bob Barnett, Bob Bender, Sidney Blumenthal, Taylor Branch, Steven Brill, David Brooks, Jimmy Carter, C. J. Chivers, Jennet Conant, Amar Deol, Christopher Dickey, Richard Engel, Jason Epstein, Frances FitzGerald, Linda Bird Francke, Janice Fryer, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Sandy McCormick Hill, Harold Holzer, Walter Isaacson, Jonathan Jao, Fred Kaplan, Jonathan Karp, Michael Korda, Roz Lippel, Ben Loehnen, David Maraniss, Kati Marton, David Masello, Diane McWhorter, Robert W. Merry, David Michaelis, Judith Miller, John Muse, Andrew Nagorski, Lynn Nesbit, Esther Newberg, Patricia O’Toole, Peter Pringle and Eleanor Randolph, Julia Prosser, Jane Bryant Quinn, Sally Quinn, Carolyn Reidy, Stuart Roberts, with remarks from David Shipley, Ann Godoff, Jonathan Jao, Henry Ferris, Serena Jones, William Shawcross, David Shipley, Elizabeth Stein, James B. Stewart, Trish Todd, Binky Urban, Mark Whitaker, Ted Widmer, Amy Wilentz, Bob Woodward