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S&S Free Ebook Program FAQs

I signed up for your newsletter, how do I access my free eBook?

You will receive a welcome email immediately after you subscribe through a free eBook offer. This email will have a link to access and download your free eBook, which is managed by our third-party fulfillment vendor, Glose.


Can I choose any free eBook?

Not any book, but you can choose from a curated selection of S&S titles. View your current selections here.


I never received my welcome email with instructions on how to redeem my free eBook

Check you spam/junk folder first to locate your email. If you did not get an email, you are most likely an existing Simon & Schuster subscriber and not eligible for a free eBook. Only new subscribers to our database are eligible.


How do I know if I am a new subscriber

Contact customer service and provide your email address used to sign up.


Which countries is the promotion available in?

The offer is available through the Simon & Schuster websites in the following countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.


Can I redeem my free eBook somewhere other than Glose?

No, Glose is the only authorized vendor to redeem your free eBook.


I redeemed my free eBook but unsubscribed to your emails. If I sign up again, can I redeem another free eBook?

No, only one free eBook is allowed.