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Illustrated by Fabiana Moscolo / Letterer Rob Jones

Split between two times in her life, Yasmeen tells the story of an Iraqi girl struggles to survive slavery in ISIS terrorist regime in Mosul. Yasmeen was a happy 16-year-old when she was captured by ISIS invading army and is forced to find courage within herself to endure slavery. Then, after surviving a long two years of slavery, she is freed but has become a different person. Unable to connect to the things that she loved before, she must go through a different kind of struggle as she tries to adjust to the normal life with her family as refugees in a foreign country, America.

Saif A. Ahmed is an Iraqi immigrant comic book creator and screenwriter. His short comic "The Dinner" is featured in the ComicBookHour anthology "OCTRTA."

Fabiana Mascolo is a freelance comic-book artist based in Rome. Upon graduating top of her class in 2015, she started working in the comics industry both as a penciler and colorist. Over the years she has worked for companies such as BOOM! Studios, Feltrinelli, and Edizioni BD. In 2019 she started her collaboration with Scout Comics for the mini-series Yasmeen written by Saif A. Ahmed.