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When We First Met

Jenny begins to fall in love with the new guy in school, who happens to be the one guy who is off limits, and fears that following her heart will lead to betraying her family in this heart wrenching romance novel .

When Jenny lays eyes on the new guy, Rob, in the hallways, she can’t seem to look away as they pass each other in the halls. She knows there's something between them, and he seems to know it too, until a chance conversation reveals something terrible: Rob’s mother was the drunk driver that killed Jenny’s sister, Gail, two years ago…

Even as she tries to pull away from Rob, Jenny is secretly glad he stubbornly insists they remain friends despite their pasts. If Jenny and Rob become friends—or more—is she betraying her family? Can she and Rob find a way to transcend the tragedies in both their pasts and hold on to each other?