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Two's Company

The best of home cooking for couples, friends and roommates

80 original and delicious recipes, written with panache and authority and offering both practical advice and inspiration for anyone cooking at home for two people.

Two’s Company is a book with a positive message that cooking for two is exciting, fun and worthwhile. More than that—free from the demands of family or guests, liberated from a strict timetable or any need to impress, you can follow your mood, whether you fancy something homey, a fake-away, or a creative culinary adventure. There is a major gap in the market for a mainstream cookbook for two, providing inspiration for couples, friends, and flat-sharers who enjoy cooking and eating at home. Most of those cooking for two are forced either to scale down recipes or repeatedly contend with a fridge full of leftovers. Supermarkets have identified this trend, and provide a lavish choice of ready meals and meal kits aimed at twosomes. But there is still a distinct lack of inspiration for those of us who want to shop and cook something fresh from scratch for a partner or friend. Here Orlando Murrin not only brings you 80 original recipes but sets out the different ‘rules’ to consider when cooking for two. He suggests ways to shop sensibly to minimize food waste and shares ingenious tips for shortcuts and techniques, gleaned from working with professional chefs and food stylist throughout his career in food.