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Through a Divine Lens

Practices to Quiet Your Ego and Align with Your Soul

Published by Park Street Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

How to see the hidden wisdom in the painful moments we encounter

• Presents sacred practices to align with the soul’s wisdom, quiet the ego, shift energy from fear to love, and release grief, anger, sadness, anxiety, and self-doubt

• Explains how to use your pain as inspiring fuel for moving fearlessly through life’s trials and reaching your true self’s full potential

• Shares practical action steps you can take during difficult moments to shift into the Divine lens view of your soul and experience immediate benefits

Every day we have an inner battle going on between two parts of ourselves: our ego and our soul. When we view the world through our ego lens, life can seem tragic, random, meaningless, and painful. When viewed from our soul’s perspective, we find divine order and soul agreements in every event of our lives.

In this guide to aligning with your soul and seeing life through a divine lens, Sue Frederick presents mindful practices and spiritual tools to shift your perspective and step into your power. She explains how each of us arrived in this life with a soul intention to live up to our greatest potential and do great work that helps others—but often we hit bumps in the road that disconnect us from our soul’s wisdom and allow the ego lens to take over and destroy our confidence. Yet, as she reveals in detail, each crisis is an awakening, an opportunity to shift from feeling like a victim to feeling that your soul came here to experience these exact challenges in order to evolve in just the way it needs.

Sharing sacred practices to align with the soul’s wisdom, shift energy from fear to love, and release grief, anger, sadness, anxiety, and self-doubt, the author explores how to see the hidden beauty of each painful moment we encounter. She presents powerful examples of healing and insight from clients who have successfully reconnected with their soul’s perspective, even after great loss. She shows how to use your intuition, affirmations, and your own pain as inspiring fuel for moving fearlessly through life’s trials and reaching your true self ’s full potential. She also shares practical action steps you can take during difficult moments to shift into the divine lens view of your soul and experience immediate benefits.

Each of us has the power to uplift and inspire, to feel love and compassion, no matter how tragic our experiences may be. By viewing the world through your divine lens, you can reawaken to the wisdom and potential of your soul, see the opportunities behind suffering, and help in the collective evolution of soul consciousness.

About The Author

Sue Frederick is a spiritual coach, lifelong intuitive, master numerologist, certified Soul Regression therapist, and an ordained Unity Minister. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, on, and in Real Simple, Yoga Journal, Natural Health, and Complete Woman magazines. The author of I See Your Dream Job, I See Your Soul Mate, and Bridges to Heaven, she lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, with her husband and three Bengal kitties.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Park Street Press (June 27, 2023)
  • Length: 272 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781644117330

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Raves and Reviews

“In Through a Divine Lens, Sue Frederick shares the secret of the universe: We are each aspects of the Divine, and we’re all connected as part of the One. Everything that happens in our lives is designed to help us see that truth and recognize our life’s purpose. The empowering practices Sue presents here are not about deflecting painful emotions but rather learning to see events from a higher perspective—a divine lens—and to tap into what our souls already know. Reading this book is like coming home to yourself. It’s life-altering.”

– Katy Koontz, editor in chief of Unity Magazine

Through a Divine Lens is an empowering book that uplifts, inspires, and teaches how to view life and one’s spiritual journey through a dynamic new perspective. All too often people become victims by surrendering to circumstances they feel are beyond control. While it is difficult to be optimistic through misty optics, Frederick guides the reader how to leave behind the victim mindset and to take control of one’s own journey through life by changing perspective. The author’s perspective is not one of an aloof clinician but an intelligent, sensitive, and spiritual person who has walked the journey of pain and through the steps she shares emerged into the light of understanding that we truly are the masters of our own happiness.”

– Mark Anthony, JD Psychic Explorer and author of The Afterlife Frequency

“I didn’t just like Through a Divine Lens, I loved it! There are very few books on the metaphysical like this one. I felt like I was on a journey with a very loving guide—one who had taken a journey all by herself and then returned to guide me. Having the ability to make the journey that personal is a gift. A God-given gift. I loved the stories and the lessons, so much so that I actually took notes to reflect on later. Sue tells us to wait for the shift. She speaks of reinvention points—those points in our lives where the winds shift and our direction has changed—usually forever. Sue talks of exit points and how she is grateful for the heartbreak. Then she tells us why. The pain lets us know that our soul is still alive—despite our greatest losses. Sue talks of past lives and soulmates. She takes us on adventures into past lives and sacred councils. The lessons go right to the heart, and the stories are like echoes from a canyon. A deep personal canyon. This book is a must-read. Again and again.”

– Joe McQuillen, author of My Search for Christopher on the Other Side and We’re Not Done Yet, P

Though a Divine Lens is a guidebook to surmounting grief after tragedy. Sue describes many beneficial tools to allow the reader to experience spiritual growth, including past-life regression, numerology, helping others, and expressing gratitude. At the same time, she intersperses practical methodologies with autobiographical stories to illustrate her important, thoughtful messages. I highly recommend this healing work, written by a cherished provider of Helping Parents Heal, which serves as a practical handbook to healing and living one’s best life.”

– Elizabeth Boisson, president and cofounder of Helping Parents Heal, Inc.

“There are times in your life when you meet someone and know intuitively that they are a bright light, what some of us refer to as an Earth angel. Sue Frederick is definitely one. When a child transitions many of us refer to the before and after, acknowledging that our lives are forever changed. We find ourselves on a spiritual journey seeking information and looking for authors who will help us through their words to find purpose and meaning. Sue has helped many understand the concepts of soul planning, numerology, and the impact and role they play in our lives and in the relationships we have with our loved ones in spirit and those on Earth. In her book Through a Divine Lens, she details the roles and impacts of soul planning and provides tools we can use to help us navigate this earthly journey. I highly recommend reading this powerful book.”

– Irene Vouvalides, vice president and board member of Helping Parents Heal (HPH)

“Sue Frederick has simply shared a beautiful and in-depth knowledge of spiritual growth and understanding. The tools she’s given us to turn life struggles into strength are simply perfect. Sue, thank you for sharing the light within your soul in the pages of this book.”

– Fara Gibson, psychic medium and author of Heaven’s Voice Is Within Your Soul

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