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The Total Poker Manual

266 Essential Poker Skills

Published by Weldon Owen
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

From Card Player magazine and poker aficionado Eileen Sutton comes the ultimate poker bible, The Total Poker Manual. This comprehensive manual demystifies the game, detailing everything readers need to know to play and win Texas Hold’em, Draw, Stud and more. 

Whether it’s a friendly kitchen-table game with friends, or the high-stakes world of multimillion dollar tournaments, The Total Poker Manual is packed with strategies, and techniques to help you walk away a winner. The Total Poker Player Manual covers everything, from the basics of each type of game and the hands needed to win, to the insider tips such as specific strategies for different versions and how to beat the odds. These skills and many more are all accompanied by some of the most fascinating poker stories in history, from the riverboat gamblers to today’s international stars players.

Advanced Master Class articles from many of Card Player magazine’s leading contributors offer insight into topics such as playing big pairs, exploring poker’s mental game, beating low-stakes cash and more. Expert contributors include:

Vanessa Selbst                                                Linda Johnson

Matt Matros                                                     Jennifer Harman

Ed Miller                                                          Maria Ho

Xuan Liu                                                          Leo Margets 

Jared Tendler                                                   Randy Lew

Tommy Angelo                                                 Brian Rast

Kelly Minkin                                                     James Sweeney 

Matt Matros

Detailed sections cover how to play online, in casinos, and in tournaments large or small, as well as how to run a game for fun at home. With high-quality design, intricate detail, and a durable, wipe-clean flexicover with metallic corner-guards—this manual is the perfect gift!


Tip 136: Enhance Your Strategy
The careful strategy worked for a lot of players for a lot of years. But with the prevalence of deep-stack tournaments on today’s poker scene, it’s essential that the modern player come up with something better: a more thoughtful strategy that includes a choice of lines that can be taken for a winning formula.
GET PAID Don’t be afraid to bet and get paid off. Even though pocket aces may be only one pair by the river, it’s the best hand. You should bet them for value even in a big pot if you expect to get called by a worse hand. True, an opponent may be concealing the nuts. But if he’s played passively to the river, and there are good hands he would’ve played passively that you beat, you must bet for value.
LEVERAGE AGGRESSION A friend of mine, a veteran pro, once reraised pre-flop with aces. He then bet the flop and turn, as his under-the-gun opponent continued to call his bets. By the river, the board was J-7-2-2-5. His opponent checked for a third time. My friend knew his opponent would have played queens or kings in just this way. He made a third bet on the river. His opponent check-raised and won with pocket jacks. But this kind of thinking and follow-through helps players go deep in tournaments. When you’re trying to win, you will sometimes go broke in spots that could have been avoided. But being fearless is an often a winning strategy.
DEFEND YOUR HAND In the hand above, the set of jacks was slow-played and the player acted passively by simply calling flop and turn bets. Yet when an opponent raises the turn or river, chances are they can beat your one pair every time. There’s nothing wrong with betting your aces for value against these players, hoping they’ll call with a worse hand and then folding to their raise, knowing they wouldn’t raise without a better hand. In general, prepare yourself for bust-outs with big pairs.

About The Authors

Product Details

  • Publisher: Weldon Owen (September 13, 2016)
  • Length: 256 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781681881058

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