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Ellie Dray and her League of Archers are keeping Robin Hood’s legacy alive by stealing from the rich to help the poor, but when they discover someone is trying to steal the crown, they learn that some things may be out of their league.

Ellie and her League of Archers are still on the run—living in Sherwood Forest, trying to protect the good parts of Robin Hood’s legacy by helping the poor in the neighboring villages and eluding the Baron’s men. But then King John dies unexpectedly and Ellie learns of a plot to kidnap the new king—who’s just a boy—and steal the throne. Can the League stop this scheme before it’s too late?

Kirkus Reviews described League of Archers as a book that “doesn’t shy away from deep moral dilemmas often unexplored in middle grade novels and important to acknowledge in a story with life-or-death stakes.” And Booklist said that it was a “highly enjoyable adventure story that should appeal to a wide range of readers.”

Eva Howard is the author of League of Archers. When she’s not writing, Eva escapes the city to hike and camp in the forest—and has even tried her hand at archery. She lives in New York.

Just as in the first book, Howard finds a pleasing equilibrium between satisfying character development and heart-stopping adventure. Ellie is an admirable and relatable heroine who makes mistakes and wades right into the center of moral quandaries. Ellie also struggles with the challenges of leadership and the importance of learning to accept her own shortcomings and forgive others as well. VERDICT Give this to fans of the first book and young readers looking for underdog adventure stories.


– School Library Journal

Ellie is a talented girl who excels at traditionally male tasks and who struggles to do the morally right thing in a world where the cruel leader disproportionately favors the rich. This engaging take on classic Robin Hood tales is perfect for middle-graders looking for adventure.

– Booklist Online, November 1, 2017

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