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The Spirit of Botany

Aromatic Recipes and Rituals

A lushly photographed and illustrated guide to the healing power of plants, The Spirit of Botany offers valuable insight into the sustainable use of essential oils, hydrosols, and whole herbs for physical and emotional wellness. 

Artist and perfumer Jill McKeever instructs readers in cultivating and wild harvesting plant materials for personal use in incense, perfume, and self-care rituals. She offers reflections on connecting with nature, sustainable living practices, and her own experience of turning her passion for plants into a thriving business. Appropriate for beginners and seasoned alchemists alike, The Spirit of Botany demystifies an often-misunderstood field and gives readers access to the countless biological, emotional, energetic, and even spiritual benefits of aromatherapy and herbalism.

Jill McKeever founded For Strange Women Perfume in 2009. Combining her backgrounds in graphic/web design, video and audio production, photography, and music, she has developed a unique, synesthetic method of perfume construction. A passionate advocate for animals and the environment, Jill loves spending time in her garden with her cat, Onyx, and chickens, Patsy and Edina.