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The Seduction of Hillary Rodham

No public figure in contemporary life has elicited more polarized reactions than Hillary Rodham Clinton. The first presidential spouse who pursued a major policymaking role, the beleaguered first lady has been a heroine and role model to her feminist allies—and a malevolent, power-mad shrew to her conservative foes.
Now David Brock, America's most controversial journalist, takes on the most controversial first lady in history, producing a boldly incisive yet surprisingly sensitive portrait. A political biography of the first order, The Seduction of Hillary Rodham is the story of one strong-willed woman's struggle to maintain her personal and political integrity in the face of powerfully seductive forces, including the appeal of Bill Clinton, a charismatic, talented, but deeply flawed man who may have been both the best and the worst thing that ever happened to her.

Barbara Amiel The Wall Street Journal "Nothing I have read to date explains so, under the cover of a respectable social goal, [institutions] can be used to manipulate people who are otherwise nonideological into supporting a radicalism intent on reengineering every aspect of American society."

Newsweek [A] nuanced portrait of the first lady.

Judy Bass The Philadelphia Inquirer [T] he most illuminating book published to date on the first lady.

Hilton Kramer New York Post A brilliant account the Clintons as a team succeeded in bringing the political radicalism of the 1960s to power in Washington in the 1990s

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