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The Power of Your Angels

28 Days to Finding Your Path and Realizing Your Life's Dreams

Published by Findhorn Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Accessible and effective, this succinct guide reveals a 28-day program designed to correct toxic behavior patterns so that readers can connect with their true essence. Positing that it takes 21 to 28 days to break old habits, this personal journey features a daily, channeled angel message for each step of the curriculum. Offering exercises, rituals, and case studies, this step-by-step process increases daily contact with personal angels and helps to form a more positive belief system, so that synchronicities and miracles become a standard part of life. Complete with meditations, real-life examples, and pragmatic suggestions for action, this dynamic tool is for anyone hoping to realize their dreams.


Strengthen Your Connection to Your Guardian Angels
Sometimes the guardian angels of our life fly so high That we cannot see them any longer,
But they never loose track of us.
– Jean Paul –
“Greetings, beloved human beings! We are your two guardian angels who have accompanied you from the beginning of time. We are honoured to support you on your life’s journey. Please include us more in your life, so that we can give you even better support, in the good as well as the bad times. You are aware of the law of free will; because of this we are only allowed to help you if you ask us or if you are in a life-threatening situation before your time on earth is up.
Please share your suffering and your joy with us, so that we can support you, just like best friends do; as this is what we are, and so much more. It would be our greatest delight, and it would create a much lighter life for you. Accept our help and enjoy your life more and more.”
Guardian angels: Watch over you from your birth until the end of your life. Aura colour: white
Crystal: angelite
Even people, who don’t usually believe in angels, occasionally say: “You must have been protected by guardian angels there!” For example, when someone emerges miraculously un- scathed from a serious accident. Every person, whether they believe in angels and god or not, is accompanied by two guardian angels from the beginning to the end of their life. One of them usually radiates a more masculine energy, the other a more feminine energy; though this of course does not mean that angels have a gender. Nevertheless, their energies often differ quite distinctly. The more feminine guardian angel has the task of being by your side to support you, to open your heart, to listen to you and to comfort you when necessary; whilst the more masculine angel protects you and also occasionally pushes you so that you do not lose your way, since he has to make sure that you fulfil your life plan. Contrary to the assumption that your burning desire to communicate with the angels is much greater than their wish to be in di- rect contact with you, they say:
“We angels love you with all our heart and wish even more ardently to make contact with you.”
Remember nothing is too trivial for your guardian angels. They would like to support you in all aspects of your life.
A short story about guardian angels
The son of family friend of ours had been unlucky time and again in matters of love and women, so that he had almost stopped believing in a fulfilling relationship. At some point he told my mother about his dilemma, and she responded full of faith: “You know what I will be doing every evening now? I will pray and ask your guardian angels to contact the guardian an- gels of the woman of your dreams. Then your guardian angels will arrange for you two to run into each other at the right time.”
Whereupon he laughed: “Oh well, it cannot do any harm. Thank you!”
And so my mother started to pray every evening for a meeting between the man and the woman of his dreams.
It did not take long before he met a wonderful, pretty, woman. From the first moment he knew that he had finally found the right person. It took a little longer to convince her of this. After a while, however, the two of them found each other; they are a match made in heaven and are now happily married.
Activities for today
• Create an Angel Box
Place the wishes that you would like to manifest in your angel box. It can be a ready-made box or a shoe box that you paint and stick pictures of angels on. You often find beautiful boxes in stationary departments, some already decorated with angels.
Place the completed angel box in an appropriate place (for example on your altar if you have one). Whenever you want to manifest something (the most powerful time for this is the new moon), write it on a piece of paper with the addition “...– this or better than this”, since not even in our wildest dreams can we imagine the most extraordinary manifestations. Then place the piece of paper in the box and let go of your wish, as if it was a balloon! Only if you are not attached to your wish will you unable to sabotage it with your doubts and fears, en- abling your wish to come true.
• Write a letter to your guardian angels
Remember to first create a sacred space for yourself as described in the introduction.
In this case, you write the letter not in your diary but onto loose sheets of paper, so that you can subsequently place them in your angel box. You can be as creative as you like and use nice stationary as well as colourful pens or crayons. The angels love colours!
Now write to your two guardian angels telling them that you would like to become more fa- miliar with them and tell them about your goals, which you would like to realize within the next 28 days with their help and the support of the other angels. Describe where in particular you need their support, so that you do not sabotage yourself. You can be certain that the two will do everything to make the time of transformation as pleasant as possible for you. Tell them everything that is important to you.
Should you wish for the partner of your dreams, as described in the guardian angel story, you can ask your own guardian angels to make contact with the guardian angels of your future loved-one and to help the two of you to be at the same time and place to meet (please do not determine the place because the way something happens should always be left for your angels to arrange). You can of course add anything in that you are wish for in this context. Equally, you can ask your guardian angels to contact the guardian angels of your partner and tell him or her everything that is important to you. Interesting enough, afterwards it is sometimes no longer necessary to clarify certain things on a personal level since this has already happened with the help of your guardian angels.
This also works for all other relationships.
Finish your letter with a heartfelt farewell and thanks. Be assured that your two guardian an- gels will help you. When you have finished writing, place your letter in your wonderful angel box.
• Soul Affirmation
To start with, ask your guardian angels to enfold you in their white light. Then breath in and out deeply, before you say out loud:
At every turn I am surrounded by my guardian angels that watch over me, protect and help me achieve my life purpose. I am always loved and completely accepted as I am. I am never alone.
• Soul Journey
Have pen and paper ready before you begin. You might want to take some notes during or directly after your journey.
With your eyes open take a deep breath in, and then slowly exhale while you close your eyes in slow motion and order your brain to automatically move into the Theta state. Breathe deeply in and out, and relax.
Let your thoughts go by like birds flying past. Simply watch them, not attempting to grasp anything whilst you relax more and more deeply. Enjoy feeling the flow of your breath as it fills you with life energy, and relax even further. Move more and more into a state of deep relax- ation.
You find yourself on a narrow path in the woods that leads you higher and higher up a mountain. Joyful birdsong accompanies you, and you feel clearer and lighter the higher you climb.
Suddenly you hear a small mountain brook splashing nearby, and you joyfully set off to dis- cover it. You step into a wonderful clearing that shines resplendent in the clarity of the morning sun, and you see the small brook. With pleasure you settle down on its bank and make yourself comfortable in the lush grass. The morning sun warms you and allows you to relax even more deeply.
Then you hear a rustling sound. You turn round and recognize a transcendentally beautiful, delicate angel with quite feminine features who speaks to you in a gracious voice:
“Greetings, beloved soul. I am one of your guardian angels. My task is to stand by you, to open your heart, to gently embrace you with my wings, to comfort and to carry you when life places great challenges in front of you, and to relieve you of sadness and pain, so that you can become increasingly more joyful and gracefully dance through your life.”
You feel how she lovingly enfolds you in her wings and very quietly whispers her name into your ear. Enjoy the feeling of being carried and of being loved.
Then another angel appears by your side. He radiates great strength and magnificence, and he feels strangely familiar to you. He too speaks to you, in a beautiful, sonorous voice:
“Beloved soul, I greet you. I also am your guardian angel, and I know that you recognize me since whenever you have run into peril or have been in danger I have protected you. This is my task. I am also the one who keeps gently urging you on, so that you follow your path and fulfil your life purpose which you started out with in this life.”
He too surrounds you with his wings and you feel completely safe and protected. At that point you hear the sound of a familiar name close by your ear. Maybe you become fully aware of it in that moment. It is the name of your guardian angel.
Continue to enjoy this sweet gathering on the banks of the exquisitely splashing mountain brook for a while before you embark upon your return journey down the mountain.
Arriving at the foot of the mountain you feel wonderfully nourished by this encounter with your two guardian angels, and you rejoice at feeling a stronger bond with them than ever be- fore. Now connect your feet consciously with the earth, stretch your body, open your eyes, and enjoy knowing that your guardian angels are always by your side, in the here and now.

About The Author

Pianist Isabelle von Fallois was diagnosed with a life-threatening form of leukemia. After fighting for her life for 4 years she had a profound encounter with Archangel Raphael that changed her life forever and helped her to heal. She has written several German bestselling books, recorded more than 50 meditations, developed the ANGEL LIFE COACH® Training and the ISIS ANGEL HEALING®, has been featured in many magazines and appeared on several DVDs, spiritual movies and German television.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Findhorn Press (March 24, 2014)
  • Length: 256 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781844098804

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Raves and Reviews

“If you are willing to dig deep and surrender with the help of the angels, Isabelle’s 28-Day-Program ‘The Healing Power of your Angels’ will help you to find the hidden treasures in your pain and past, to rise above your limits and to co-create miracles together with the angels.“

– Colette Baron-Reid, bestselling author of “The Map” and “Weight Loss for People Wh

"Isabelle von Fallois's new book The Healing Power of your Angels (a 28-day-programme to change your life and create miracles together with the angels) is uplifting and helps readers create deep lasting bonds with angels. A positive read and a real gem of a book. Isabelle's work is bringing love, light and peace to the planet. I highly recommend it!"

– Gary Quinn, bestselling author of "The Yes Frequency" and "May the Angels Be With You"

"Isabelle von Fallois' loving light radiates through all that she says, writes, does and is. An Angel in human form, she is the most perfect channel to help us find within the pure love and power that helps us connect with our divine truth. The Power of our Angels brings us beyond anything that has ever been revealed about the angelic realm, with the grace and magic that is so uniquely hers. I cannot recommend her work enough. She is a true blessing on this planet."

– Michelle Karén, M.A., bestselling author of "Astrology for Enlightenment"

"Isabelle von Fallois' new book, The Power of Your Angels is a 28-day-program that really works! It will help you create lasting and deep connections with your angels. This book radiates a vibration of joy and blessings that will sink deep into the hidden crevices of your soul. I highly recommend it!"

– Denise Linn, bestselling author of Sacred Space

"Isabelle von Fallois is a true earth angel. She can teach you powerful and effective techniques to transform and enhance your life by working directly with your guardian angels and many other beings in the angelic realm. She is a wise and wonderful healer, teacher and mystic."

– Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret

The Power of Your Angels is designed to lovingly urge you into profound union with the Angelic Communion, and also it provides you with a wonderful work manual for your own spiritual countenance."

– Stewart Pearce, author of The Angels of Atlantis and Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards

"Isabelle von Fallois's new book, The Power of Your Angels, beautifully expresses, through channeled angelic messages, practical suggestions for enlisting the help of the angelic realm to make positive changes in any area of your life. Isabelle, a pianist, shares her personal journey of conquering leukemia, surviving a near-death experience, and becomming an interpreter for the many angels who surround her. She describes them as powerful beings of light assigned to help, protect and watch over us in this physical world helping us remember our own soul purpose and power. In each chapter, Isabelle shares angelic messages, observations, soul affirmations, and the way to break old habits in our neural pathways engaging the help of the appropriate angel guide who can assist us in achieving health, prosperity and happiness. With clarity and concise methods, Isabelle describes each specific angel, and their unique abilities including Michael, Lavinia, Jeremiel and Raphael and many others. This book is a treasure trove for those wishing to know the angels, their love for us, and how we may call on them to assist in any human endeavor and make your boldest dreams a reality!"

– Sheryl Glick, RMT, host of Healing from Within

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