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The Mystery of the Hushing Pool

“I’ll never rest until I’ve seen his murderer hanged!”

But Dick Blake didn’t know what he was letting himself in for. Not only did he have to contend with the strangely complicated network of intrigue which surrounded the passionate, neurotic Malvery clan, but more baffling still, somehow or somewhere, he had to discover the secret of The Hushing Pool—that turbulent, whirling body of water from which no man or woman had ever returned alive.

Was Richard Malvery really dead, or had he for some sinister purpose merely disappeared under mysteriously suspicious circumstances which pointed an accusing finger at his brother, Boyce? Just what did the Clents—that wild, exotic family—know about the secret of the Pool?

Against a bleak, desolate background, the master mystery writer of them all weaves an unforgettable tale of passion, horror, and murder.

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