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The Miracle on Adams Street and Three More Tales

Published by Whiskey Creek Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

"The Miracle On Adams Street" and its three companion tales are enchanting, haunting stories of an unquiet humanity. Set against the stormy backdrop of the sixties, "The Miracle On Adams Street" portrays the tragic descent of a woman into a snarling drunk, and her surprise deathbed redemption and transformation into a princess. Blackly whimsical, "The Bed" is a classic horror story that features a murderous mechanic whose charismatic spirit survives his death. In "Just Say No" a private detective belatedly discovers the dangers of investigating another man's dream. "Banana Love Boat: Your Tax Dollars At Work" is a bittersweet narrative of an aging cop unwillingly saved from wrecking his life on the wrong young woman, romanced in all the worst ways. These stories are poignant dramas of life's magical, melancholy possibilities, so told as to leave the stories, not their manner of telling, vividly impressed upon the reader's memory, and heart.

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