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The Librarian's Stories

Illustrated by Anna Wilson

A village is left in ruins after the bombs fall. The beloved library is burned to ash. Food is scarce. Danger is abundant. Every aspect of daily life is changed. How will home ever feel as it once did?

But then one day, the Librarian emerges in the town square. Seated on a bench in front of the library's remains, she opens a book and begins to read aloud. The village children stop to listen. "Foolish woman," Papa says. "Too dangerous," Mama agrees, hurrying the children away. But day after day the librarian returns to her post, her voice carrying stories above the thunder of tanks and to the broken hearts of the people. Little by little, the persistent Librarian's stories seed hope in the people, and their village begins to mend.

Inspired by the bombing of the National Library of Sarajevo during the Bosnian War, and bombing of the library at the University of Mosul in Iraq, The Librarian's Stories is a testament to the enduring connection between stories and hope.

Lucy Falcone was a serious couch potato growing up and loved watching television. While living in Los Angeles, Lucy wrote for such television series as The Littlest Hobo, The New Monkees, and Nickelodeon's hugely popular Are You Afraid of the Dark?. She also started a production company, Northwind Productions, and produced a situation comedy pilot titled Choir Practice starring Susan Anton and Elaina Reed Hall (from the series 227). In 2003 Lucy turned her hand to writing novels. Her middle-grade supernatural thrillers include The Mysterious Mummer, Walking with the Dead, The Devil, the Bansee and Me, and The Midnight Curse. These four novels have garnered nine nominations, four wins (the Silver Birch, two Diamond Willows, and a Red Cedar award) as well as two Honour nods at the MYCRA Awards. Lucy has also created a comedic, early-reader kid-detective series The Ghost and Max Monroe, and published her first picture book titled, I Didn't Stand Up inspired by the poem First They Came... by Martin Niemoller.

Anna Wilson is a freelance designer and illustrator who has spent most of her adult life traveling the world. She love storms and snow and is happiest running in the mountains or drawing in the streets of new cities. This is her first picture book.