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The Knitter's Gift

An Inspirational Bag of Words, Wisdom, and Craft

Passionate knitters know that knitting is more than just a craft or a hobby. Knitting forms the texture and a background for their lives, binding them to their mothers and grandmothers who shared their great legacies; to friends and family who wear their homemade gifts; and to their fellow knitters. The Knitter's Gift is an inspirational collection just for them.
Beginner and longtime knitters will rejoice as they read about:

  • A father who treasures the scarf made by his daughter decades earlier
  • A Ph.D. candidate who finds that knitting reduces her stress, and allows her to knit together her higher education with her craft
  • A mother-in-law who makes peace with her daughter-in-law by creating a luxurious handmade gift

Written and compiled by this best-selling author, The Knitter's Gift is a timeless work that spans the generations.