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About The Book

A fascinating look at the cutting-edge science and technologies that are on the cusp of changing everything from where we’ll live, how we’ll look, and who we’ll be, by the popular science broadcaster and bestselling author Jay Ingram.

Where will we live? How will we get around? What will we look like? These are just some of the questions bestselling author and popular science broadcaster Jay Ingram answers in this exciting examination of the science and technologies that will affect every aspect of human life.

In these pages, Ingram explores the future of our technological civilization. He reports on cutting-edge research in organ and limb regeneration, advances in prosthetics, the merging of the human and the synthetic, and gene editing. Vertical farming and lab-grown food might help feed millions and alleviate pressure on the planet. Cities could accommodate green space and the long-awaited flying car. Finally, he speculates on the future of artificial general intelligence, even artificial superintelligence, as well as our place on Earth and in the universe.

The potential impact of these developments in science and technology will be powerful and wide-ranging, complicated by ethics and social equity. And they will inevitably revolutionize every aspect of life and even who we are. This is The Future of Us.

About The Author

(c) Richard Siemens

Jay Ingram has hosted two national science programs in Canada, Quirks & Quarks on CBC radio and Daily Planet on Discovery Channel Canada. He is the author of nineteen books, which have been translated into fifteen languages, including the bestselling five-volume The Science of Why series. In 2015, he won the Walter C. Alvarez Award from the American Medical Writers’ Association for excellence in communicating health care developments and concepts to the public, and from 2005 to 2015 he chaired the Science Communications Program at the Banff Centre. Jay has six honorary degrees, was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, and is a Member of the Order of Canada. He is cofounder of the arts and engineering street festival called Beakerhead in Calgary. He lives in Calgary, Alberta. Connect with him on Twitter @JayIngram.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster (September 26, 2023)
  • Length: 304 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781668003350

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Raves and Reviews

“We are the only species on Earth capable of radically changing our future. In The Future of Us, Jay Ingram expertly reveals how state of the art science and technology is transforming the human body and the planetary body. From evolving extra fingers to cyborgs and from ‘sponge cities’ to space colonies, this book is an essential guide to understanding the challenges and opportunities for humanity’s survival in the years ahead.”
ZIYA TONG, award-winning broadcaster and author of The Reality Bubble

“Jay’s done it again, pulling threads from the past, present, and future to spin a surprising tale about where we’re headed as a species. I give The Future of Us two thumbs up . . . (and if Jay’s right about our future, maybe soon I’ll give it three or four!)”
DAN RISKIN, evolutionary biologist, author, and former cohost of Daily Planet on Discovery

“Readers couldn't ask for a better guide through the weird and wonderful near future than Jay Ingram. In spite of the sometimes-troubling views of the world to come, Ingram writes with a clear sense of hope for a better tomorrow.”
MARCELLO DI CINTIO, award-winning author of Walls and Driven

“In his fascinating book The Future of Us, author Jay Ingram pulls back the curtain on what our future might hold. While highlighting the promise of emerging innovations such as geoengineering, AI, and vertical farms, Jay also shines a critical light on impracticalities and ethical implications. This book is a must-read for anyone who desires a comprehensive and well-documented look at where the future is leading us, while avoiding the hype and technocratic jargon.”
ROBERT THIRSK, former Canadian Space Agency astronaut

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