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The Fox in the Library

Illustrated by Kathrin Schaerer
Published by NorthSouth Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Fox goes to the library looking for mice ... not books!  ""This isn't the forest; this is the library,"" says Mouse.  ""You can only borrow things here.""  So begins the hilarity, as Mouse offers fox a book so that he will get new ideas - besides wanting to eat mice.  The new book works!  Now Fox is thinking about eating chickens.  But when the chicken-eating, fix-hunting farmer walks into the library, Fox and Chicken think fast and come up with a surprising solution that just might save them both.

• The adorable antics of Fox should be of interest to all booklovers…librarians, booksellers, and parents!

• Books about books and libraries (such as Library Lion) have a built in appeal.

Lorenz Pauli’s work has appeared on radio plays and in theater projects. In 2003 he received honorable mention for the Austrian State Prize for Poetry for Children. He is married and has two children.