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The Dream Travellers

When a mysterious lodger called Dolf Hunter comes to live with 12-year-old Sam Kenyon and his family, it's the beginning of a seriously spooky adventure. For Sam has seen the man before - in a nightmare. He discusses the shifty new tenant's arrival with his best mates - Hannah, Dean and Amy. They decide to trail him - and learn that Dolf Hunter makes sinister straw-dolls that will allow them to visit each other's dreams. Each child has a separate dream kingdom; Sam's is a forest, Amy's a moonscape, while Dean's is in the mountains and Hannah's is centred on a most unusual city… At first, the children have fun visiting each other at night in their imaginary kingdoms. But soon they become increasingly aware of a building menace. For while they are trying to stalk the lodger, someone - or something - is stalking them in their dreams. Something that will use Sam and his friends to spread its smothering influence over all the waking world …

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