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The Dowager

From the author of The Last of the Whitfields and New Girl comes an emotional and heart-wrenching story about the maneuvers of a Southern girl as she returns home from a trip abroad and faces the reality of her family and questions her own existence.

While abroad in Norway, Winky Carr fell madly in love with a Northerner named Walter, but after the two consummated their love, Walter disappeared, leaving Winky disappointed and heartbroken.

With no real clue of what she should do, Winky returns to her family in Charleston, South Carolina, and finds herself face to face with the reality of life in the South. As she maneuvers her alcoholic father and faded mother, she consumes herself with newspaper work and dashing romances.

But when her father dies and Walter comes to town for the services, Winky learns of news that will seal her fate with her dashing European love interest, breaking her heart and further complicating the uncertainty of her future.