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The DNA Field and the Law of Resonance

Creating Reality through Conscious Thought

Published by Destiny Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

A practical guide to unlocking the powers of our DNA to manifest health, wealth, and happiness

• Shows how our DNA communicates with those around us and attracts resonant energy--whether positive or negative--to us

• Reveals groundbreaking scientific research on the influence of DNA on photons as well as the interactions between DNA and emotions

• Provides practical exercises to remove negative influences, build positive visualizations of your desires, and accelerate the manifestation of your wishes

Taking the law of attraction to an entirely new level, Pierre Franckh reveals how human DNA has a direct effect on the physical world around us--an effect we can consciously focus to manifest our desires.

Sharing groundbreaking experiments on the influence of DNA on photons and on the interactions between emotions and DNA, Franckh explains how our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, whether positive or negative, build a field of resonance around us. Through this quantum field our DNA is continuously communicating our unique vibration to those around us and receiving their unique oscillations in return. By focusing our intentions and removing negativity from our beliefs about ourselves, our past, and our future, we can use our DNA to communicate our thoughts and desires to the universe. Through focused thoughts and intentions we draw the same resonant energy to us, thus bringing our intentions and desires into manifestation.

The author shares success stories from the thousands who have taken his seminars and were then able to attract a soul mate, heal themselves or loved ones, or build wealth, sometimes remarkably quickly. He also describes how he discovered the law of resonance through his own self-healing from a degenerative spinal condition.

Franckh provides practical exercises to remove inner and outer negative influences that could be blocking your desires, build a positive visualization of your goals, and increase the power of your field of resonance for quicker manifestation. In this inspiring guide to the law of resonance, the author shows how the power to manifest health, wealth, and happiness is within each of us, waiting to be unlocked within our DNA.


What Really Is Resonance?

Resonantia = Reverberation
Resonance = Echo, Reverberation, Resonate

Through the law of resonance we understand how everything in the universe communicates with one another through vibrations. All objects and living things in our known world, including all organs and cells of our body, possess a unique oscillation. Some oscillate with the same or similar frequencies.

We know this from playing piano: When we hit a note on the piano, all strings that resonate with the struck note are likewise brought into oscillation. The notes could be higher or deeper: As long as they are found in resonance, they are brought into oscillation.

They must and will react to it.

Much like the other strings of the piano which resonate with the struck note, other people, things, or events cannot refuse to resonate when they find themselves on the same resonance level as us.

What is the advantage when others with our energy are brought into resonance?

Similar attracts the similar.

Everything that resonates with us is inevitably drawn into our life. That is not always positive for us. For example, the resonance could be so strong that it destroys matter. An opera singer can, through the sheer sound of his voice, shatter a glass. He leads energy through the room toward the glass. When the transferred energy has the same resonance and the same natural frequency as the molecular structure of the glass, the stress on it can become so great that it shatters the glass.

Although we do not “burst” like a glass, the “negative” resonance energy that we carry within us can bring parts of us into motion that we do not want or bring uncomfortable, even shocking, events into our life.

That is why it is important for us to know exactly in which unique frequency we find ourselves and which resonance field we consciously or unconsciously create.

How Do Our Wishes Find Their Goal?

Smart people choose only those experiences they wish to have.
--Aldous Huxley

How do our wishes and desires get to where they should? And how do our desires come back to us? And how do the recipients of our wishes even know how to find us? Which part of our body receives the information and further conducts our conscience? How can we integrate this new awareness into our daily life?

Our DNA plays a large part in the answers to these questions. It is the carrier of our genetic code. Since the discovery of DNA, people believed--and I also learned this in school--that DNA is exclusively occupied, with the help of our genetic code, in making protein bodies in the inner portions of the cell.

The surprising thing is, however, that almost 90 percent of DNA is not needed for protein synthesis, but is essentially used for communication. Russian scientists Vladimir Poponin and Peter Gariaev proved this: DNA does more than initially thought.

DNA communicates with its environment.

Poponin and Gariaev showed that DNA is really predestined to work as a sender and receiver. Our DNA communicates not only with us, but it also communicates with the DNA of other people. Our DNA is in a position to be connected with everything that is.

Communication between our DNA and the DNA of other people and living beings is achieved completely differently than we initially thought. It occurs on a higher dimension outside of space and time, the dimension of hyperspace.

The astonishing thing about these special exchanges of information is that they occur without any restrictions. Neither distance nor time present a problem for a smooth information exchange. There is not even a hint of a time delay. Any delays can only be measured with an atomic clock.

DNA uses special energy channels, or so-called worm holes in this hyperspace. Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen were the first to describe these objects, even as early as 1935. This concept was identified as two sides of the same space that are connected with a tunnel.

Because of the use of worm holes, the distance between us and the person affected by our resonance frequency is irrelevant. They can be lying in the bed next to us or be halfway across the world. They can be awake or asleep. All information that we send out is sent in hyperspace through an energetic tunnel and immediately comes to the target in order to be received and used by the local DNA.

This energy is not only received by DNA, but it is also saved. Therefore, DNA also serves as an information recorder. We have a huge data bank in our body.

How does wish fulfillment find us?

Now we need to clarify the question just how this energy, which steps into resonance with us, can even find us. Ultimately, there are billions of different DNAs. And each of them sends and receives. How can the cosmos purposefully give us our wishes?

First, we are constantly “on broadcast.” We constantly program our resonance field with our thoughts--positive or negative. As long as we maintain our wishes and visions--or even our fears and misgivings--our resonance field draws it in equally.

Next, each of us possesses a genetic Name = Code. With this code, we are connected with forensic science and DNA tests. The DNA of each person is as unique as the fingerprint. It leaves an unchangeable genetic fingerprint. It behaves energetically similarly: The energetic fingerprint of our DNA leaves a clear address.

The oscillation is so precise that it always finds the appropriate solution for us.

Tell me,
and I will forget.
Show me,
and I may remember.
Let me do it,
and I will be able to do it.


What you think today,
you will become tomorrow.


About The Author

Pierre Franckh lectures around the world, where his seminars are often sold-out events. A bestselling author with more than 60 titles in print, he is also a coach and mental trainer, with numerous clients in the business world, as well as doctors, psychologists, and complementary health professionals. He lives in Germany.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Destiny Books (October 9, 2014)
  • Length: 192 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781620553480

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Raves and Reviews

“Heart-based feelings and belief have now been documented to directly change the shape of the DNA . . . the DNA has a direct effect on the atoms . . .”

– Gregg Braden, New York Times bestselling author of Fractal Time and The Spontaneous Healing of Belie

“Noted German author Pierre Franckh combines the dynamics of positive thinking with the latest new discoveries in science, to bring about our ability to reap significant changes in our state of well-being, healing and happiness. ”

– Brent Raynes, AP Magazine, October 2014

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