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The Chakrasamvara Root Tantra

The Speech of Glorious Heruka

Translated by David Gonsalez

A translation of a foundational scripture in beautiful, lyrical translation, perfect for recitation.

A key text for one of the most important Buddhist tantric traditions, the Chakrasamvara Root Tantra has been passed down to us from the ancient mahasiddhas of India, such as the great yogi Saraha. This foundational ritual text is one of the earliest of the yogini tantras, tantric scriptures that emphasize female deities. This melodic translation by David Gonsalez (Ven. Losang Tsering) maintains the poetic structure of the original, making it ideal for practitioners and harmonious to recite. It is at once an object of devotion, a profound instruction, and a beautiful poem meant to inspire spiritual seekers.

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