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The Case of the Exploding Brains

Noelle "Know-All" Hawkins has another case on her hands.

Her famous scientist dad - Professor Brian "Big Brain" Hawkins is in prison as a result of his portaloo mishaps. A trip to the Science Museum results in an international mystery involving the moon, some mindreading, and an awful lot of grumpy people. But how are they all connected?

Noelle, Holly and Porter are on the case. But will they piece the crazy clues together in time to save the planet?

And why is Dad walking round prison with a blanket on his head?

Rachel Hamilton does it again in this laugh-out-loud story of science,silliness and super-villains.

Rachel Hamilton has studied at Oxford and Cambridge and has put her education to good use working in an ad agency, a comprehensive school, a building site and a men's prison. The case of the Exploding Loo is her first novel.

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