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The Anger Workbook

Published by Hazelden Publishing
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Anxiety about the coronavirus pandemic takes an emotional toll, and sometimes emerges as anger. Knowing the sources and style of our anger can help us learn to notice and navigate this powerful response to uncomfortable and uncertain times.

This wise and practical book shows how the most destructive of emotions—anger--can be put to good, constructive uses if it's recognized, understood, approached, and managed mindfully.

Get the better of your anger before it gets the better of you. Someone blames you, berates you, fails you, talks behind your back. Sure, you're mad--but what good does it do you? Plenty, if you learn the lessons of this wise and practical book, which teaches how anger, that most destructive of emotions, can be put to good, constructive uses--if only it's recognized, understood, approached, and managed mindfully. An eye-opening how-to book on making the most of anger, The Anger Workbook combines the latest scientific research with provocative questions and exercises to take you to the very source of your anger, your attitudes about it, and your power to use it as a positive force for change and growth.

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