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Taste of Home Happy Hour Mini Binder

More Than 100+ Cocktails, Mocktails, Munchies & More

Edited by Taste of Home

From martinis to margaritas and from sangrias to slushes, the ideal beverage is only a sip away with Taste of Home Happy Hour!  Squelch thirsts at barbecues with a frosty Black- Eyed Susan, impress happy-hour guests with the perfect Moscow Mule and get cozy with a glass of warm Mulled Wine. Become the bartender you always knew you could be with more than 100 beverages. Manhattans, martinis and mojitos…stir them, mix them and shake them up from your home bar with Happy Hour!  Bonuses include Boozy Desserts, Mocktails & Munchies!

Indulge in more than 100 cocktails, non-alcoholic drinks, appetizers and liquor desserts that are sure to impress. Whether looking for a classic happy-hour staple, a new change-of-pace favorite, a sweet sipper or a frosty sensation, you’re sure to find all of the beverages needed for the perfect party with Taste of Home Happy Hour!


Mixology 101

Classic Cocktails 

Martinis & Margaritas

Wine & Sangria

Champagne & Sparkling Cocktails

Spring & Summer Drinks

Fall & Winter Favorites


Bonus: Boozy Desserts



Cerveza Margaritas


Pear Ginger Mojito

Chocolate Chip Martini


Mint Julep

Blackberry Beer Cocktail


Pumpkin Pie Shots

Bourbon Slush

Mai Tai

Dilly Bloody Mary

Cherry Bounce

Fruity Holiday Punch

Tom Collins

Boozy Thin Mint Cake

Hot Toddy Brownies

Bailey’s Torte