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Stuff Nobody Taught You

40 Lessons from M.E.School® to Help You Stop Being Miserable and Start Feeling Amazing

Published by Health Communications Inc
Distributed by Simon & Schuster



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About The Book

Stuff Nobody Taught You by Summer McStravick teaches readers how to wildly, successfully, reinvent themselves and become who they’ve always wanted to be. Filled with humor, actionable steps, and brazen, intelligent straight-talk, Stuff Nobody Taught You fills you in on all those secrets you wished someone had told you about how to craft and keep a happy, passion-filled life.

2023 International Book Awards 1st Place Winner, Self-Help/Motivational Category

Sometimes we need a good old cathartic do-over. We’ve been flatlining—emotionally spent and wrung out like an old washcloth. We want to feel a different way, be a different way.

Somehow, we need to regain our purpose and direction and feel good again. We want to re-find the self-worth, confidence, and inner strength that got wiped away from years of frustration, disappointments, and emotional depletion.

Stuff Nobody Taught You fills you in on all those secrets you wished someone had told you about how to craft and keep a happy, passion-filled life. The book takes you through a proven journey of self-discovery via a series of forty-five bite-size, easy lessons that will transport you to a world of amazing feelings and real transformation as you learn to:
  • Find and release the inner patterns and blocks that have stopped or derailed you time after time.
  • Climb out from feeling stuck, exhausted, directionless, or just not sure what you’re supposed to do next in life.
  • Meet and love up your powerful, authentic self, where you trust your choices and start attracting good things in every area of your life.

Each day, you’ll look forward to reading the next revealing chapter that feels as yummy as a best friend’s phone call. By, the end, you’ll shut the book with a satisfying, relieved, and exciting sense of your next steps.

In short, Stuff Nobody Taught You resets your inner clock and shows you that yes, you can wildly, successfully, reinvent yourself and become who you’ve always wanted to be. It teaches you where your inner power lies and gives you permission to use it. And finally, it frees you up to find the brisk, fresh path that oftentimes turns out to be right there, already under your feet.



Part I: Open Your Eyes

Chapter 1: The Lavender Pajamas

Chapter 2: You Are Not a Badass—Yet! And You Know It!

Chapter 3: Yes, You Can Reinvent Yourself

Chapter 4: Between the Reefs

Chapter 5: Are You Worthy?

Part II: Grip the Tools

Chapter 6: The King and the Queen

Chapter 7: Fear of Feelings

Chapter 8: Just What Are These Feelings Called?

Chapter 9: The Dead Zone

Part III: Fuck the Fear

Chapter 10: External Power Leaks

Chapter 11: Inner Batteries

Chapter 12: Internal Power Leaks

Chapter 13: The True Meaning of Resistance

Part IV: The Weasels in the Road

Chapter 14: Lack Thinking

Chapter 15: Plan A, Plan B

Chapter 16: Backward-Looking Girl

Chapter 17: Paper Tigers

Chapter 18: What Will Happen When You Win?

Part V: Heal That Shit Up

Chapter 19: The Groove

Chapter 20: You Will Fix It When You’re Ready to Fix it

Chapter 21: Learning to Be Wrong

Chapter 22: Healing Is Like Showering: Do It Daily for Best Effects

Chapter 23: Your Heart Is Meant to Break

Chapter 24: Selfishly Forgiving

Chapter 25: Understanding and Owning Your Life Major

Chapter 26: The Trifecta of Trust

Chapter 27: Trusting the Universe

Chapter 28: The Universe Is My Suitor

Part VI: Weightlifting for Your Soul

Chapter 29: Things that Make You Feel Fucking Good

Chapter 30: Self-Love Extravaganza

Chapter 31: Pretzels Are Only for Eating

Chapter 32: I Love Myself, but You Loving Me? That’s More Difficult

Chapter 33: Caution! Other People’s Beliefs Ahead!

Part VII: Dive! Dive!

Chapter 34: Unstructured Space

Chapter 35: My Future Self

Chapter 36: What If—

Chapter 37: Brave Action

Chapter 38: Inspired Action

Chapter 39: Falling Off the Fear Cliff

Chapter 40: You Are a Gift

About The Author

Summer McStravick is a personal growth coach, author, podcaster, and creator of Flowdreaming, a mind-body technique practiced by over 180,000 people for manifesting and growing inner emotional strength. Her books and programs have been published by HCI, Hay House, Mindvalley, Omvana, and are available through and the app, Flowdreaming for Manifesting and Meditation. With more than 20 years in publishing, Summer developed while working for Louise L. Hay and cohosting a popular weekly podcast with Dr. Wayne Dyer.  

Instagram: #summer_mcstravick 

Product Details

  • Publisher: Health Communications Inc (April 25, 2023)
  • Length: 336 pages
  • ISBN13: 9780757324680

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Raves and Reviews

"A dynamic and actionable self-help book for those seeking transformation."

— Kirkus Reviews

“Summer warns you that she has a sailor’s mouth. But if you can buckle up for a really fun ride and not get triggered by the f-bomb, she promises to take you on the ride of your life. Being in the world of personal growth for decades, Summer has valuable gems to share that you won’t find on a Google search. You get to dig deep into your heart and soul while assisted by her prompts so you can map out your vision, get crystal clear about who you are, and know how to manifest what you want right now and in the future. The best part is that you will feel light and joyful while doing it. Summer cracks you open in the most enjoyable way, so you don’t have to live an ordinary life.”

Dondi Dahlin, author of The Five Elements

Stuff Nobody Taught You arrived at the perfect time in my life when I was questioning almost everything I was currently doing. It helped me navigate my life and reinvent myself in a new and confident way. This book is literally like having the best coach and accountability partner you can imagine walking along side you, while you are transforming and reinventing your life. A definite must read for all those looking for a new way of living in their world.”

Keith Macpherson, speaker, coach, author of Making Sense of Mindfulness

"Summer’s unique voice will speak to your soul! Unlike so many watered down, cookie-cutter personal growth practices and inflated promises, her techniques and ideas are truly effective, wonderfully original, and practically magical. She’s a true pioneer in personal growth, and this book is her best to date."

Morgana Rae, author of Financial Alchemy: 12 Months of Magic & Manifestation

“Summer is a self-help stalwart: educating and inspiring people for decades. I’m so in awe of her graciousness, commitment, and loving spirit.”

Leonie Dawson, author of My Brilliant Year

"With equal parts humor, sass, and wit, Summer takes one through a journey to aliveness. There’s no stone unturned regarding the hidden saboteurs that make us self-abandon, yet she makes it okay to be confused, conflicted, and simultaneously inspired with big dreams bursting at the seams. It’s this permission that allows the reader to laugh at oneself, give up the B.S. that has been stopping them, and surrender in the most delicious way. And with practical prompts at the end of each chapter, the insights stick. I'd never have thought I’d call a book about personal transformation a ‘page-turner,’ but this one is!"

Barb Wade, M.A., executive coach, speaker, and author of Your One Year Permission Slip

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