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Stress Less Coloring - Animals

100+ Coloring Pages for Peace and Relaxation

Free your mind with these beautiful animal prints!

Stress Less Coloring: Animals inspires you to find peace and relaxation in the beauty of the animal kingdom. Filled with 100 captivating prints, this book helps you calm your mind and manage anxieties in a therapeutic way. Each stress-reducing page invites you to express yourself by using your own unique palette to fill in the animals. Soon, you'll find yourself clearing all worries from your mind as you concentrate on coloring in these stunning black-and-white prints.

Whether you're new to coloring or have been coloring for years, this book will help you find your inner calm and creativity--one page at a time.

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"This adult-friendly book [features] 100 gorgeous animal illustrations of majestic lions, seahorses, cuddling giraffes, and an array of butterflies, Animals--part of the Stress Less Coloring series--allows you to channel your inner Van Gogh while feeling like a kid again." --Veg News

"Embrace your inner Tarzan as you flip through the pages of this intricately decorated coloring book, inspired by animals from the wild."

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