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Sorrow, The Sacrifice, And The Triumph

The Apparitions, Visions, And Prophecies Of Christina Gallagher

About The Book

A Modern Mystic Speaks
Christina Gallagher, a humble County Mayo housewife, is a prophetic figure for one times. She speaks about the warnings she has received from the Virgin Mary and of the divine wrath to come. She exhorts all to repent, to pray, to do penance, and to trust profoundly in God's mercy.
Apparitions and visions are a part of the history of the Catholic Church, Marian apparitions were reported as early as the first century, and there have been sightings at Fatima, Portugal: Lourdes, France, and Mediugoric, Yugoslavia, which have transformed these locations into centers for religions pilgrimages. While more than 300 apparitions have been reported from around the world in this century. Christina Gallagher's experience has been singular. Beginning with her first vision of Jesus Christ in 1985 and of the Virgin Mary in 1988, Christina has received messages from Marry, Jasus, and various saints. Christina has been marked by the stigmata -- the wounds of Christ -- and has suffered greatly as a messenger of God. This book is the account of the revelation that God wishes to give the world through Christina Gallagher.
Christina's fascinating experiences have included vivid visions of Heaven and Hell; encounters with angels, the Devil, and demons; and warnings about war and mass destruction and the coming of the Antichrist. The Sorrow, the Sacrifice, and the Triumph is, above all, an eloquent plea for the renewal of faith and the attainment of peace.



From Genesis to the Triumph

I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed. She shall crush thy head and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.

Gen. 3:15

It's always a surprise where the Virgin Mary appears. Whether it be distant mountaintops or hidden grottos, the first question people wonder aloud is always "Why here?" For Christina Gallagher and the people of County Mayo, it was no different those first winter days of 1988.

County Mayo is in the beautiful windswept countryside in the western part of Ireland known for the Atlantic rains that storm inland across Connemara where the Twelve Pins Mountains shoulder one another toward the sea. Yes, it's a wet place. But on clear days, there is a breathtaking view of the summit of Croagh Padraig in the distant western horizon, where for forty days in the year 435, Saint Patrick fasted, prayed, and beseeched Heaven to convert the faithful of beautiful Erin to an "Isle of Saints."

But although Our Lady Queen of Peace would come to make many visits to Christina in County Mayo, it was in Dublin that Our Lady first appeared to her. Indeed, the Virgin Mary's first apparition was totally unexpected.

While visiting a grotto in County Sligo, Ireland, in the fall of 1985, she had unexpectedly witnessed with her eyes the Head of Jesus crowned with thorns. Unknown to her, it was this apparition that would actually begin the series of miraculous events in her life, events she could not have imagined.

Besides encounters with the Virgin Mary and apparitions of Christ, the simple Irish homemaker was soon being shown extraordinary, mystical, and heavenly sights. From awesome glimpses of the Face of the Eternal Father in Heaven to terrorizing experiences with the Prince of Darkness in her own home, her breath-taking accounts are numbing. Within a short time, a considerable number of messages for the Church and the world were conveyed to Christina. She was to be, God indicated, a "fearless witness" to a misguided and "sinful generation."

Yet as incredible as all of this was, we must remember Christina Gallagher's spiritual experiences are designed primarily as incisive reminders of God's will for His people. They uphold for us the truth of our faith and the glorious eternal life with God that awaits believers. Indeed, they embody the message of the Gospel, the same message of hope, love, and peace Jesus spelled out to the world almost two thousand years ago.

Likewise, her apparitions and revelations are strikingly similar to past accounts of such great Catholic mystics as Theresa Neumann, Saint Anne Catherine Emmerich, Saint Bridget of Sweden, and the Venerable Mary of Agreda. More than that, the revelations given to Christina Gallagher reveal powerful images of the hidden world of God's Kingdom, the world of the spirit. Riveting in description, some of her mystical experiences are more powerful than we are capable of absorbing. They deliberately convey the serious responsibility one has for the salvation of the soul.

"It's our soul that is at risk, and mankind doesn't want to listen," Christina repeats over and over.

By this emphasis on the soul, Christina confirms her desire to remove obsessive concerns with earthly chastisements. These are concerns which distract many listeners from the core of the Virgin Mary's message. These concerns with impending earthly uncertainty, Our Lady insists, are not as important as the salvation of the soul. The Virgin Mary has come to bring souls back to God, not just to warn of a coming tribulation. As the Blessed Mother confirmed to Christina the destiny of those who fail to convert, "They will never rise from the death of the soul."

But as implausible as it seems, this serious message, Christina admits, is not getting through. People go their merry way. Everyday, the world staggers forward like a wounded animal, in the power of darkness, greed, and sensuality, renouncing God's invitation. It refuses completely, or chooses to hear little of what God has to say. Instead, many reply, "We will not serve."

So, like the children at Fatima, Christina now confronts people with exactly what she has seen -- some of which is not very pleasant. When humanity ignores the protection of the soul, says Christina, an irreversible fate is sealed. Failure to protect one's soul, she says, will inevitably lead them to Hell.

Today, few believe that Hell, the world of the damned, exists. Considered to be an imaginary world, the secular media only refers to it when it's extremely hot or cold outside or when describing the chances of a snowball's survival there. People damn one another, not realizing that by their very own actions, they are at risk of this inescapable death sentence.

Yet talk of its existence and horror awakens some people. Like mystics over the centuries, Christina's vivid account of Hell gives fresh testimony to its reality and its eternal inhabitants. She has seen their sealed fate, their endless agony. She has watched the unrepentant as they swim in fire, an unquenchable fire that disfigures and torments its captives.

Adding to this nightmare, Christina has been shown sights of individuals headed for this fate. But this was necessary for a reason. It is through her voluntary suffering for these souls that God wishes to save them. This is perhaps how God has come to use Christina the most. As a victim soul, she suffers the wounds of Jesus Christ in her body. Bravely, she offers this physical, emotional, and mental anguish for the salvation of many who would otherwise be lost for eternity.

Once, on her way to give a talk in the south of Ireland, the Virgin Mary showed her thousands of people who, according to Our Lady, "had lost all love for God in their hearts." In a second sight, she saw thousands who were well on their way to Hell. It was not a pretty sight. As the Blessed Mother wept, she besought Christina to offer her life and death for these souls. Christina complied, whereupon the Blessed Mother led Christina in a prayer of self-offering of mind, will, heart, soul, and body to God. Later Jesus told her these souls would be saved. Thus, it is in this way as a victim soul in union with the suffering of Christ that Christina has come to find the most meaning in her mission.

But her mystical experiences don't end there. God's plan through Christina continues to unfold. Although the Virgin Mary's apparitions to Christina began in 1988, apparitions, mystical experiences, and heavenly messages continue with no end indicated. It is a generous outpouring of revelations, revelations that deal with urgent conversion of heart and events to come. In His plan, God has revealed to Christina a variety of the supernatural. From vivid scenes out of the Old and New Testaments to symbolic apparitions of the coming era of peace, she has seen a lot. In the past two years alone, more and more of the most celebrated saints and departed faithful servants of the Catholic Faith, have appeared to her. Moses the Lawgiver, Elijah the Prophet, Saint John the Evangelist, Blessed Michael the Archangel, Padre Pio, Saint Philomena, The Little Flower, Saint Catherine of Siena, Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint Anthony, Saint Joseph, Bishop Sheen, and Sister Faustina are among those she now intimately refers to as "her friends," friends that now enjoy the beatific vision.

These friends appear to play a role in a baffling, yet integrated plan of private revelation God wishes to give the world through Christina Gallagher. By their mere presence these chosen ones subtly bring the events and teachings of the past back to life while concurring with God's plan for the fulfillment of the future. As messengers and advisers they give us a dimension to God's plan that is important and vital.

By means of the saints, God demonstrates through Christina that the Church, Triumphant in Heaven, is wholeheartedly involved in the fulfillment of the times. As the Queen of Peace revealed to her, "The Martyrs of Ireland are constantly interceding before God, with a holy restlessness."

Yet all this intercession holds great purpose. For a war now rages -- an awesome invisible war of the principalities -- and all Heaven shudders at what is to come while the earth remains unmoved. Christina has already learned, in part, what the future holds.

From these experiences, Christina gives us a sweeping picture of our times. It is no less a picture of the end times -- a picture the Virgin Mary presented many times before and continues to present now. And while it is the Virgin Mary who brings us this news, it actually is the completion of a design which included the Blessed Mother from the beginning.

Indeed, visionaries throughout the world point to the Virgin Mary as the woman in the Book of Genesis (Gen. 3:15) who crushes the head of the serpent. It's been her role from the beginning. Confirmed at Lourdes as having no mark on her from Satan, the Mother of All now comes as Mother of Jesus, Queen of Peace, through the power of the Holy Spirit to warn the world of its destiny.

Yes, the victory is hers. The Blessed Mother is the New Eve. And now the time has arrived for the world to know.

Ever true to the vast review of His work through Christina, God once more confirmed this fact by a powerful sight that accompanied an important message. She received this apparition and message along with a monumental announcement, while she was in the Philippines.

During her first night in the Philippines, the young Irish mystic was awakened at 3:00 A.M. Immediately she knew she was to pray. Engrossed in prayer, the Lord showed her an awesome sight of the sky transformed and illuminated by a spectacular bright red light. Out of the red sky, in great splendor and beauty, appeared the Blessed Virgin Mary. Our Lady was standing on a globe, deep in prayer, with hands joined.

Suddenly, Christina noticed a large black snake raise its head daringly toward the Virgin Mary's foot. Although she didn't acknowledge the serpent directly, the Blessed Mother, like the woman in the Book of Genesis, calmly raised her right foot and crushed its head. As the serpent's body squirmed and shuddered over a vast area, Christina could see the Filipino people momentarily frightened. But quickly Our Lady laid to rest their worries as she extended her mantle in a huge gesture and covered them protectively with it.

As Christina watched in awe, the voice of the Risen Savior was heard.

You, My people, are truly Mine. Through your suffering, My Mercy will save you and many who are blind. I am beholden unto you My Heart and I send to you My Mother. You will realize the value of your suffering and the power of your Mother's love and intercession. You, My people, I will save from the beast's devouring anger. My people, do not sin in impurity of body. I, Jesus, your Lord, and My Beloved Mother are with you and love you. Go in My Peace and serve your Lord God.

The Lord's reference to the blind was of tremendous significance, because only a few days before a miraculous healing of a blind man occurred as Christina recited a special prayer at one of her speaking engagements in the Philippines.

NOTE: A commentary on the above message by Father McGinnity, Christina Gallagher's spiritual director:

This word "beholden" means "obliged" or "indebted" and Jesus seems to mean "I owe you My protection, because you truly belong to Me and are faithful to Me, even though you suffer so much." He has an "utang na loob" (the Filipino expression used).

This word "Beast," which is used in The Apocalypse to describe the Devil's power, refers to Freemasonry, according to Our Lady's explanations of The Apocalypse to Father Gobbi. There, she points out that whereas the Red Dragon represents atheistic Communism and its outright denial of God, the Black Beast of Masonry believes in God, but works secretly against the Almighty by structures which deceptively try to undermine the Church. These structures offer worldly success and power and try to attract people by money and pleasure to abandon God's law, the Commandments. The hidden work of the Beast is to destroy Christ's Kingdom on earth with the spread of the Kingdom of darkness and sin.

Since receiving the message, news from the Philippines about proposals to forcefully introduce "population control" brings to light a deeper level of meaning in this message. Artificial contraception as a means of population control is opposed to the Church's teaching of God's law. The contraceptive mentality has been proven to lead to the practice of abortion all over the world. The Filipino people respect unborn life. The smiling children, although poor, and their struggling but generous parents who accept humbly God's gift of new life are obviously most pleasing to Jesus, Our Lord, God, but Jesus says the Beast is "angry." The Devil resents this openness to God, to His Divine Law, and to His Gift of Life. His "anger" is, in Jesus' words to Christina, a "devouring anger." In other words, like a bullying beast, he is intent on killing and destroying life. (Many artificial contraceptives are also abortifacients: they actually work by expelling the new baby immediately after it is conceived.) However, the hopeful message of Jesus shows that His Merciful Heart will send His Mother to protect that country.

Before departing the Philippines, Jesus again spoke to Christina. Although steeped in mystery, it was a far-reaching disclosure and one of significance. And from it, Christina's experience of the prophecy from the Book of Genesis began to make even more sense. "Because you have come, I am able to implement My plan. The Triumph of My Mother's Immaculate Heart will begin here and spread throughout the whole world."

The subsequent refusal of the Filipino people to cooperate with the government proposals to limit and destroy human life powerfully proves Our Lord's prophecy through Christina.

Just months later, Christ's words to her seemed to usher in a monumental event in Russia. It was a mystical event of such magnitude, such importance, that Church historians after the Triumph may write about it forever. It was an event many say is likely connected with the Second Coming of Christ.

Yet we cannot get ahead of ourselves. That would be a mistake. We must remember that before Christ's return, the Tribulation, the Triumph, and the Era of Peace will come.

pardAnd by September 1993 the Lord indicated to Christina that a crucial moment was near. It was now time, Jesus told her, for the Angel of the Passover to appear. Yes, the same angel from the Old Testament who had visited once before.

Described as the Angel of Death, or a Destroyer, the Book of Exodus speaks woefully of the night of his visitation to the Egyptians. Like the Lord's announcement of the Immaculate Heart's Triumph beginning in the Philippines, here was an equally prodigious disclosure. The Angel of the Passover was close at hand.

But before we go any further, let us first go back. Let us see how all this began for Christina. Let us examine all she has been gifted with. In Christina Gallagher, God has buried a treasure for our salvation.

All we have to do, through humility and faith, is unearth it.

Copyright © 1995 by Dr. Thomas Petrisko

About The Author

Dr. Thomas W. Petrisko lives in the Pittsburgh area with his wife and six children. He is the author of over 25 books and has been in private practice for more than 30 years. He has appeared on or consulted such shows as Oprah Winfrey, Joan Rivers, 48 Hours, CBS News and numerous others.

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