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Son of the Morning

Historical Fiction; Fantasy Epic; Historical Fantasy England 1337; France; Edward III; King Philip VI; Angels; Demons; Lucifer; Fantasy; Military History; Hundred Years War; Mark Adler

England, 1337: Edward III is beset on all sides. He needs a victory against the French to rescue his throne, but he's outmanned. King Philip VI can put 50,000 men in the field, but he is having his own problems: he has sent his priests to summon the angels themselves to fight for France, but the angels refuse to fight, and Philip won't engage the battle without the backing of the angels.As England and France head toward certain war, Edward yearns for God's favor but as a usurper, can't help but worry—what if God truly is on the side of the French? Edward could call on Lucifer and open the gates of Hell and take an unholy war to France...for a price. Mark Adler breathes fresh and imaginative life into the Hundred Years War in this sweeping historical epic.