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Slow Cooker Favorites Chicken

150+ Easy, Delicious Slow Cooker Recipes, from Hot Chicken Buffalo Bites and Chicken Parmesan to Teriyaki Chicken

Learn how to make easy, affordable, and deliciously diverse dinners for your family every night with this go-to cookbook featuring more than 140 slow-cooker chicken recipes.

Chicken is a dinnertime staple. It’s a simple, budget-friendly favorite, and there are countless ways to prepare it. In Slow Cooker Favorites Chicken you’ll find something new and delicious to enjoy every day—from classic appetizers and comforting dishes to exotic international one-pot meals—with minimal prep work and easy cleanup. The most challenging part will be picking which dish you want to try next!

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"This book … reminded me what a gift my slow cooker is. The book opens with slow cooker basics so if you are a cook new to the appliance you can learn what you need to know to operate your new kitchen toy. I was happy with the overall concept and the recipes in the book. I’ll be trying several more as winter comes on. Particularly on days where I might be busy. It was so very nice to not have to fuss with a meal but rather to just open a lid and serve."

– Broken Teepee

"Having easy, delicious slow cooker recipes at your fingertips is a key to getting the most out of your slow cooker during the cool months ahead.  The new cookbook series – Slow Cooker Favorites is a must have for those slow cooker fans looking for easily to prepare hearty meals for the whole family.  The comprehensive collection of crock-pot recipes is a treasure trove of delightful and affordable meals for your family every night! What I really like about these cookbooks is the recipes use easy to find ingredients that create budget friendly DELICIOUS meals."

– A Happy, Hippy Mom

"Foodies are always looking for new ways to put their cooking skills to the test. The Slow Cooker Favorites Chicken cookbook is a great way to help foodies put that slow cooker to good use."


– Best of Life Magazine

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